It's mostly in my hands

So, in a previous journal thread, I said that my body temperature tends to rise in heat when I do my current meditations. However, I’ve noticed that’s mostly in my hands. And some nights are better than others.

How many weeks would you say I should wait before I add something else?

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Try stuff now. Like, to balance the energy in your hands, focus on the accupunture points in the center of each palm until it tingles, then give the excess warmth to a plant, it’ll help it grow, or into the Earth using your intention.

There’s no reason to have to live with energy being unbalanced as there’s lots of techniques to balance it out. The microcosmic orbit is ideal but going for a walk will do it too.


I never said the energy was unbalanced. I’m just expressing an observation. As far as I know, this is the beginning. I’m just trying to get to know the energy right now.

Now, if there was a way to quicken the process so I can perceive both spirits and energy, that would be interesting to hear.

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