Its just me?

Dont you guys feel like the World is slowing down? Businessess, markets, polictics, socials, noone seems to be going anywhere anymore, noone seems to be taking an action about anything. Its just like everyone is sat down to see what is about to happen, passively…

Sorry for the shallow topic, its just like that though, cant generalize to everyone I think. Its just like mankind has reached its evolutionary peak and we can just either sink or remain stagnate where we are - or live through a Revolution that will conduce us to our Breakthrough… Or destroy us…

Nothing seems to be happening though, and the feeling I have is that we are living the 10th ir 11th over again. Sorry for bothering.

No, not at all. Lot’s happening out of the media spotlight.

For a while there, yes…

We were nearing a brick wall in terms of technology due to the fact that we couldn’t make smaller computer chips because of overheating issues. We were reaching our limitations in the materials used…and there was fear that we wouldn’t be able to continue progression up until the creation of graphene. Now, nanotechnology and all the hopes we’ve had for the future are back on the table…including many things we didn’t even think of involving alternative energy and the like.

We’re very close to biological immortality. There has been a serum developed that reverses the aging process in mice and brings them back to a prime age of youth, and it’s likely to do the same in humans. We’ve also discovered that a transfusion of young blood will regenerate the body, also doing similar in terms of reversing the aging process. My ex girlfriend’s ex boyfriend has sickle cell and he requires regular blood transfusions. He’s over 30 years old and looks like he’s 16…he wasn’t even supposed to live to be 20, but he looks like a 16 year old kid.

Aside from that, stem cell research is making leaps and bounds…the ability to create organs, blood, repair nerves, almost anything you could ever imagine is becoming a possibility.

Soon…we’ll be biological gods, we’re very close…if we don’t fuck things up. Solar energy is making a huge step forward and could prevent the devastation that our oil dependance has brought us…or rather, stave off the extreme devastation and keep it at a minimal.

Things are now progressing quickly and looking good, NASA is working on a warp drive engine that could take us to the next star system in two weeks…so yeah, we’re getting there. We had a speed bump, but we’re rolling now.

The thing isn’t so much as to what we are discovering, which on some fronts is causing a major change that seems to freeze certain components of our reality (because they see that their way of being cannot continue without evolving and, in their fear, they create stasis). For me it is more the fact that we’re still not savvy on the level of Spirit which is key, we are lacking understanding of the energy behind a certain idea or manifestation. That’s why I love people like Nassim Haramein who are bridging the gap between science (perceptual understanding) and Spirit (instinctive and emotional understanding=I am). In the end these times are exciting, a lot can change in almost no time right now. Balg is a typical example of something that could not have existed 20 or so years ago, so we’re all part of it. Enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Science is so far the only aspect of mankind that has continuously evolved throught its existence. Its true that we discovered this and that and graphene has opened a new universe of possibilities, but all what you mentiones is about science Tenebrae.

Yuri just mentioned the point that was missing in my mind: spirit. We are creating this and building that, but look at the ordinary person’s eye… empty, dead, but they insist in being there. They dont vanish, but they dont evolve also, they just remain there.

Hell, maybe we should just build machinery to run the world, and vanish as species. Curiously, science is the aspect of mankind that has sufcered the most dramatic and significant REVOLUTIONS throughout its history, and seems to be actually the only aspect that is really making real progress. If mankind cant progress spiritually, so maybe its better to leave the next Era to robots and just disappear from the brink of existence. Maybe only a Spiritual Revolution can save us from meaninglessness in existence. Simple evolution seems not to be enough anymore.