Its it possible that hecate show herself when you only calling her name?

For i a week i looked every night for a few minuts at the moon.when i did this i feelt protected.a few days ago i thought hecate.i didnt know who she was and when i searched on her name i saw that it was a goddess of the moon and magick.yesterday i called her name and a blue light appeared out it nowhere.was it hecate?
For a few weeks i also see 44 everywhere its she associated with this number?


She is wonderful I’m actually writing a book on her well fiction maybe it’s true idk anyway you may have seen her she comes face to face with those who are said to be close to her what do you think of her and do you feel like she has called out to you you answer these two then you know you were meant to work with her

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How do you work with her?im still new with this.

Hekate reveals herself pretty fast.
Right after i did my first dedication rite to her, i took my stuff, wanted to go home and imediately two huge dogs ran up on me.

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Do you have any advise how to invoke her?

She’s a chthonian goddess and learned me that communication with her doesn’t necessarely mean to do chanting or prayers.
Sitting with her statue or symbol(s) while being quiet and open to her love and knowledge is a good way too.
Hekate enjoys silence, learns us it’s secrets.

I went to a place which had a personal meaning to our connection, took a black candle and an old key.
I asked for her blessing, spoke my dedication, annointed the key with my blood and burried it on that spot.


Thank you for the information.
Tonight i will answer her call.:slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s interesting that this should come up- I just began opening a pathworking of Hecate tonight, nine nights to the Dark Moon.

Hecate is the most manifest one, titan of the earth, sea, and sky. Whether or not the Black Dog is perceptible, she always comes when called. 44 seems unrelated, at least to me. The Crossroads Queen tends to move in threes, or threes of threes.

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My Hekate journey started about 3 weeks ago when after a meditation with Belial I laid down to sleep. I started to dream and it was almost like Belial and I never finished (which thinking back I always tell him to stay if he’d like). Anyways, we were in this dark cave. It had just enough light to barely so the cracks in the rock. Before me was the dark tunnel as Belial dressed in a hood cloak backed into the darkness out of sight. When he disappeared into the shadows the image of sigil appeared in bright orange (like a flame) and was flashing. Immediately a persistent female voice keep repeating, “Hekate, Hekate, Hekate…” When she spoke his sigil would fade into the shadows and when she wasn’t speaking it would be seen again. It seemed like this dream went on for 6 hours. Needless to say I know how to take a hint :joy:

As for the number 4, it’s 3 she’s most associated with but in the Chaldean tradition she is associated also with the number 4 because they said she was “four-headed”. But in Greece and elsewhere she also had 1 or 3 heads so however she comes to you is however she is wanting to be seen by you.

I will say this, a lot of people called or drawn to Hekate have similar experiences of her appearing in some way during their youth. Sometimes as a black dog other times it just her name that catches your imagination. This was how I understood she had been around me for a long time.

The last things I would recommend are a few books: “Circle for Hekate” by de’ Sorita, “Hekate Soteira” by Isle Johnson, and “Keeping Her Keys” by Cyndi Brannen.

I have yet to work with Hecate myself but I have worked with spirits who respond very quickly with the mere utter or thought of their name (Nyx and Azael being great examples). While I do not see an exact association with her and the number four, four does represent the four classical elements that the greeks associated as a philosophical understanding of the world (not to mention the four winds that had a role in some of the myths). Could be a calling to work with those elements? Idk, just my thoughts

Call on her and ask her to work you on life and to teach you

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