It's better to go to hell now than later

This is a term Azazel tells Dante in my story. While I do not use the actual Christian Hell, I do borrow from the concept, or the perception of it. I especially use allusions to Dante’s Inferno.

The concept I use for what is called the Infernal Realm is not a place of evil and punishment, but a place of dark wisdom, destruction and rebirth. Demons are simply tricksters of whom create change. And thus it only makes sense change is what happens in the Infernal Realm.

All things demonic are based off of desire and fear. In this world, we compete for our desires. There, the world gives them to us. However, it does the same with our fears. Both in excess. It tests us, puts obstacles in our way. It is up to the power inside us to conquor them. At times, the world gives hints to help discover that power. We utilize the might of our desires, but should not be consumed by them. We conquer our fears and are reborn in darkness. There are many challenges to face in the infernal realm, but there will also be pleasure.

Those who were enslaved by their desires or fears in life go to the infernal realm after death. They’re minds are tormented by the guilty and unforgiving shadow self that at one point only wanted to unite with the self. Some souls find a realization that frees them. Others go insane and they mutate into mindless abominations.

Azazel states that it is best to enter the infernal realm in life so you can become more resilient to face life’s challenges. Other wise, you may end up there after death.

The message is that Hell isn’t a place in the afterlife. It’s a place in the mind. The only beings that tempt and torment us are ourselves. Though we can rise above this darkness by choosing to face it head on. If not, a greater damnation awaits, one we made of our own free will.