It's been a while

How’s it going guys? shit’s changed a lot since I left. I’ve figured out quite a bit about the way this shit works. It took a lot of trial and error, and pursuing pathways that really were dead ends(at least for now) but I’ve finally reached a point to where I don’t consider myself a complete novice. I don’t know if I really qualify as adept yet but for the first time I actually feel like a magician. anyway here is my current set up…

My evocations are slowly becoming an all day thing. I try to write as much as possible for myself. I’ve written my own banishing ritual and usually start off the evocation with a oration written for the spirit. I try to include as much objectivity in my evocations as possible(at least until I get to the point where I can communicate physically face to face, if such a point exist for me). I use stichomancy as my primary form of communication with the entity I am evoking(believe me, that shit works amazing). I recently made a pendulum set up on a tripod to use during evocations, but realized until I memorize the letter placement it’s practically useless because of the glass base makes it impossible to clearly see the letters in low light settings(I can see where they are, I just can’t make out what they are without staring at it for a minute, which doesn’t work with the speed at which the pendulum swings). I also use tarot for yes or no questions(not the most dependable method but works when combined with the other forms of divination).

because of the dependence on divination this process is slow, especially when taking copious notes during the process. while I have plenty of tactile awareness of the spirits, my actual communication ability is zero(outside of dreams).

I have completely cut out mental masturbation, so if that is a concern of yours I would highly recommend it. When you can get clear and coherent answers using a cellphone when doing evocations, you quit questioning how real this shit is. not to mention since I’ve taken a more quality over quantity approach to evocation(where prep work is consuming plenty of time)

what’s to come
I plan on getting a recorder as soon as funds allow for it(I just went from working 6 days a week prn to 1 to 3 because everybody is trying to work for christmas. I liked it better when my coworkers were lazy and unreliable) because this would streamline the entire evocation process. cause, fuck recording conversations by hand(even shorthand sucks). not to mention this way the evocation becomes much more like an actual conversation.

after I memorize the layout I can start implementing the pendulum method.

I’ve learned that goetic entities derive most of the power they push towards the goal from the magician himself, which is why the preparation for the evocation is so important. they are essentially programs that lose consciousness when not in use. So I decide to combine root work with evocation, as according to my divination this is what is going to push the level of power I can tap into to the next level.

I’m considering implementing fasting before the evocations if circumstance allows for it(I try to stay extremely busy).

well that’s my process. I’m still working out the kinks, but looking back at my first evocation, I’ve come pretty far.