Its all over! Going back to Christianity!

I think all this time i was very confused of what i am doing i dont know how i got here.
I remember the first time why I left religion because I was very angry and Confused I was angry and rebelled against God I wanted it all to end for me.
Eventually I found EA Koetting videos on YouTube and there i said “it will all get better, after the rainy day there comes the sunny day”
and i strted to practice Magic but somebody was blocking me like somebody was trying to save me…

Recently I look up to the sky and felt like praying and I started praying and this huge love came over me and i cried and left all the pain and confusion out. ( praise the almighty one)
in one night there it was this light i could not Shield my eyes from it .
It was god came to me happy to accept me back.

God said
" Speak my son and it will all be forgiven"

then I said

" I Am The All Mighty One ! April Fools Day"!!!

So i hope they serve cold beer in hell

Sorry i… am sorry…
i could not help it i need to make this thread , i hope i cheer some of you up🖤

@Lady_Eva please delete this thread after couple of days :smile:




April fools


Hahaha this is a cruel prank!