"It's all a Game" or "Smile, Barbelith Loves You"

A while ago I had a series of OOBEs at the gentle nudging* of a very close spirit of mine. I had expressed my desire to meet and merge with The Source as I wanted that mystical and very empowering experience.

So, as every call is answered (and answered well if you ask the right being.) I was taken out to meet The Source. I won’t get into the personal details of what I experienced but I feel impressed to talk about a bit of it.

Here is a small excerpt from my journal:

"[i]Finally we arrived after the long journey. I sat in a lotus position between two large reddish orbs, one to my left and the other to my right. Sitting there I began to meditate with my eyes open and just allow whatever was going to happen to happen.

In time I became aware of activity on the orb to my right. Turning my gaze I saw words in English appear on the surface of the orb. These words conveyed desires. “I want ___” “It is my Will that __ happen.”…etc. Being that I am a native English speaker I could read each desire and got the impression that somehow I was seeing someone attempting magic.

I became aware of activity on the orb that was on my left (now behind me as I was looking away form it) and saw a weird gibberish appear on it. It was not even remotely English or any language I have ever laid eyes on. While staring at the gibberish I began to become aware of the meaning, as if I was slowly learning that gibberish language.

“I am sorry, but I do not know what you want. I love you, please try again.” was what the gibberish was trying to get across.

“Magic and language…you think there is a difference, but as you see there is not. If you can not speak to the All in words then how will you communicate with it, and how do you expect it to aid you?” (NAME OMMITED) spoke softly to me as if the truth of the words were delicate. “How will you speak to God indeed?”

I moved closer to the orb on my right and erased the words. Instead I drew pictures and symbols common to the Western Mystery Traditions. I noticed that while doing this my bodies took on a new form and position as if the forms and positions I had were somehow relevant to this process. I realized that I, in that moment, became what I wanted. I had no desire for what I was after because in that moment I HAD what I started out after, the writing down my desire and the ritual were just formalities at that point.

Looking to the orb on my left I read the words “Understood, it is done.” I had the feeling that what I had asked for was complete and all that was left was for it to coalesce and condense through the planes until it manifested in the physical world.

Feeling rather happy I began to mediate again between these two orbs and slowly my vision shifted out of my bodies and I saw that the two orbs I was between stretched out for what looked like eternity. From that perspective they looked like neurons with myself occupying the space between. “Wait…is this the mind of God?”[/i]

Like I said I felt impressed to share this, maybe someone out there can make use of this.

Stay Frosty,
The Orismen

*read: I was hit over the head with a “Clue-by-four”

Also you get +100 Internet Points if you get the reference in the title :slight_smile:

Brilliant! Reminds me somewhat of the white-board meditation/work by Joe Vitale - this was your version of that exact same gnosis he had, and which I had in a different way, which I think is magical (in the conventional meaning!) and inspiring! :slight_smile:

As usual, we’ve been ploughing different corners of the same field. I had this pile of books show up out of nowhere that complimented instructions I’d been getting for a while and wasn’t clever enough to hammer into technique.

What I’ve been learning is the way to leverage the power of the conscious mind to send communications and commands between the various selves, e.g. the physical body, the emotional body, the astral body, the “exterior” manifesting world body, etc, etc.

What I’ve come to realize is that you have the active “master” self where you are currently most lucid, and then the passive or “slave” selves which run on a sort of robotic auto-pilot, listening as best they can to the active mind for some indication of what it wants them to do, and barring explicit, direct communication, making their best guess based on the little they understand. This is the secret of how your thoughts and state of mind produce phenomena and experiences–these other bodies try to give you what it sounds like you are asking for.

The heart of the technique is sending extremely simple thought-forms repeatedly until the recipient wakes up and gets it. Instead of holding an intention or visualization for a very long time, you develop it very quickly, in about 30 seconds, then fire it off and repeat the process again and again, in other words, you fire off the same instructions dozens of times until the recipient “gets it” and complies.

Here’s the starter technique - the time limits are essential and cannot be compromised –

  1. Think about what you want for 5 seconds (use words)
  2. Visualize it for 4 seconds
  3. Think about it again for 5 seconds, but expand into specifics and details
  4. Visualize for 4 seconds with the added details
  5. Think for 5 seconds and expand the details into anything that needs to happen or that you personally need to do in order for the result to arrive in full
  6. Visualize this for 4 seconds, then VERY QUICKLY take all these images and intentions, form them into a SIMPLE container thought-form image, energize and FIRE/send it to the intended recipient. (I like to use “light spheres” - use whatever shape works best for you.)
  7. Repeat the process multiple times until you either get a result or feel it take

The end goal is to be able to do all this in a matter of seconds.

The body reacts fastest to this and with a little practice you should be able to achieve hypnosis/yoga - like effects within seconds/minutes. For example, lowering body temperature, stopping inflammation, reducing pain, etc. You can also use this technique to alter your nervous system and mental state and should be able to reproduce the effects of various drugs, both medicinal and recreational, without actually taking them. You can boost the effectiveness by attaching the thought-form directly to your neural pathways so that it travels in time with the signal from the brain and draws energy from the electrical impulse of the physical nerve.

Working with the body and mental states really made me aware of something vital most magicians totally overlook - the importance of repeating the message. If I send a message to a particular body part, approximately 25% of the time I get semi-instant compliance. Most of the time, however, the experience is like startling a dreamer out of sleep. You get this sort of “Huh? Oh, all right…” and then it begins to comply but quickly loses itself and forgets. You have to keep pushing at it until it wakes up and remembers what it’s supposed to be doing, then the results come quickly. This development of memory and intention is one of the major reasons we incarnate into the physical plane. What I quickly realized from these experiences was the reason why conventional magic as it’s generally taught has such a variable hit rate.

Most magicians are taught to pour all of their energy into a single thought-form, fire it off, and forget about it. We’ve ALL had the experience of pouring a tremendous amount of energy into a ritual, only to see beginning trends toward manifestation that slowly fizzle… It is the exact same experience. The recipient of the message begins to comply, but then falls back asleep and forgets himself. One of the things that had driven me crazy since first getting into magic was the recurrent experience that sometimes I could just decide something would happen, there would be a slight pulsation in my forehead, and then later it would happen. And yet highly organized rituals moving massive amounts of energy could produce partial or no results. The message gets through but the recipient can be forgetful. (I’m reminded of an old Jewish Fairy Tale that says that for one minute out of every 24 hours the windows of heaven are open and anything wished for in that brief period is granted no matter how wise or foolish. The rest of the time you have pray and work for it.)

I have been made to understand that for exterior projections, you can attach the thought-forms to the optical nerve and project out through the eyes. I haven’t started working with that yet, but I’ve been directed to a LOT of data and anecdotes that support it. (The brain DOES send a LOT of energy out to the eyes and the eyes DO project light energy OUT.)

Another thing I want to talk about is split purposes. Don’t give your astral body two instructions at the same time for simple tasks. Don’t tell it to manifest a demon in front of you AND manifest a thought-form of what you want AND manifest the experience you desire. Channel the energy of the demon into the thought-form, then send it out to manifest as experience. Then repeat the message over and over until it takes.

I’ve been thinking about trying to form some sort of work-group to experiment with this, but wasn’t sure how well I could communicate the techniques.

That would sure explain a lot, and yes, once again we’re all kinda holding different bits of that old elephant… :slight_smile:

I've been thinking about trying to form some sort of work-group to experiment with this, but wasn't sure how well I could communicate the techniques.

If you’d have me, I’d like to be part of anything, won’t take offence if not though (sometimes you just know someone shouldn’t be involved in a certain project, without needing a reason).

I think your energy would be pretty essential. I’ll have to kick it around and see if there’s interest. It would be more of an… experiment group, really.

Hehe yep. I do that technique all the time really. At least around a hundred times in one sitting. Then again at any other random moment