It's a trap!

Recently i’ve seem posts/topics about lesser spirits manipulating weak people, trolling, whatever.

Here in Brazil we find many pacts of wealth, power, happiness with Lucifer, Lilith, whatever.
Those notorious pacts are sold or are show as “leaked” from very secret order.

What happens is that such pacts/rites will not bring you to Lucifer or Lilith, but vampiric spirits to screw you up.

The genius part is that the smart reader or experienced magician will notice that its total bullshit or even a trap. So the vampiric entity dont need to worry about getting in trouble with a powerful magician.

But wait. How a spirit in the astral will post in the internet this kind of ritual?
The troll spirit will find a Medium, that person will be deceived or will have a deal with the lesser spirit. A sigil of the vampiric entity will be given to the Medium and the medium will spread around for as many people he can.

Here are some examples took from :

(translated from Portuguese to English - my english may not be perfect)

(The author of the website comments the rituals, i will put his comments in this topic also)



Your pact where u make your statements will be on Sunday 20/05 9:00 am, everything should be mounted about 10 minutes before and focus on your goal and with faith in Lucifer.

@ MDD - It is a window with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Mercury in Taurus. The Ascendant in Gemini-Cancer, however, favors fantasies. It is a statement that it will be a trap… or maybe Lucifer likes to sleep more kkk

OBS: U will have to buy the drunks and the glasses as these items are not shipped.


1 black candle , 1 red and 1 white, 1 black pen, 1 virgin needle, 1 medium white plate, 1 pentagram, 1 dagger, 1 parchment of paper with the goetic symbol of the pact, 2 sandal incenses, 1 white fabric or gold fabric to put on the altar, 3 virgin glasses, wine , mineral water , and liquior, fill the glasses with the liquids, 1 small bell.

Sandal indicated mecurian entity. By the descriptions of the material, it would be a Exú, but since the person that will make the pact is not connected with a Terreiro or Temple, its a strong signal of vampirization ritual.

The pants must be black, black socks, black underwear, black shirt. The clothes must be clean and washed, perform 3 days of bath.

@MDD: You could take bath everyday. It would favor the life of the pact maker and would be more easy to make friend and win on life.


On the altar put the image of the inverted pentagram on the center “standing” or put on the wall in direction of the altar, or you can put it under the plate(dishe). The bell will be over the altar.

Then place the 3 candles. The white in the center, black on the left and red on the right side of the altar. The candles should form a triangle in the center of the table. The incense must be placed one on each side, or one on the left side and one on the right side. The dish/plate should be placed on the table in the middle of the candles and incense. The glass or chalice with wine must be placed on the right side of the table near red candle, the glass with the water alongside the white candle, and the glass with liquor should be placed near the black candle. Do not put anything into this dish, because it will be used to put the scroll (ie the contract in flames.) - You will hold the dagger with the left hand.

@MDD – “Contract”…its getting better…

You should study the summons three days before the ritual be done to decorate more or less, not to miss the moment of ritual! Everything must be done correctly


"Lucifer pray for us (repeat 3 times in a row)
I call to the east, and the air of enlightenment I cry
---- I — born in -------
Come before the great Light God
Invoke thy name and thy power only God Lucifer
Oh, great Emperor, you’ve met the heavenly angels and infernal, You who is the Master of all benefactors Spirits.
Lucifer, I invoke thee, blablabla, blablabla within this temple.
Lucifer pray for us (repeat 3 times).

@MDD - traditional presentation and caller of Egun. I dont have the sigil that is used in such ritual, but im sure that its the astral sigil of the entity that will vampirize the person. The dumbass makes the call and invites the spirit to inside of his house, and this evocation surpass any defense that the residence has. (Because the dumbass is calling the entity to be manifested, think about the legend of the Vampire that only enters the house if it is invited…).

Hail Lucifer, Lord of the World. "

Take one sip from the cup of the wine.
Focus 30 seconds and go to the next step.

@MDD - Drink the magnetized drink after calling the entity; FAIL.

"I -------------------- in the presence of the Lord Lucifer
1-I believe in Lucifer, lord omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God and the human race humanoid, protector of all life visible and invisible!
2-I believe in Lucifer, lord disseminator light of developments that will be my guide in all my steps in this life and the next!
3-I believe in Lucifer, sir-giving, kind, protector and helper, which inspires my thoughts and decisions in all stages of my life!
4-I believe in Lucifer, lord of harmony, balance and true love that guides my life through paths full of happiness and joy!
5-I believe in Lucifer, lord of the accomplishments and achievements, wealth and achievements, which will take me the way my fulfillment stuff!
6-I believe in Lucifer, sir valiant and accomplished teacher who teaches me the path of evolution and godhood. So that I may tread the path of spiritual evolution!
7-I believe in Lucifer, Lord of Truth, who will protect me from the deceitful and cowardly hordes that plague mankind for over two thousand years. Bring me the ways of truth and light, forever!
8 - I believe in Lucifer master of all spirits carnal and spiritual, and in his power to be the God who will take all the light spirits supreme and divine, because without his light we are nothing in this earthly world!
9-I believe my only God Lucifer will make me a illuminado and be wise, even before I know how to overcome challenges through my wisdom and I ask you Mr. God always show me the way that I can evolve and thrive in this world living, I give glory to the God of this world terrain that your light is always with me.
Proclaim that Lucifer is Lord of this World.

Proclaim that Lucifer is the true God of the Earth.

Proclaim that Lucifer is my Master. "

Take one sip from the cup.

@ MDD - All bla-bla-bla is a distraction to put the person in a state of altered consciousness. What really counts is the sigil that is on the altar. Can promise worlds and backgrounds in evocations, but what really counts is the signature on the paper, or the sigil of those who will receive the energy.

Focus 30 seconds and skip to the next step.

Take the black pen and write on parchment.
You will write the pact on parchment, after writing the pact, take the needle and pierce your left hand thumb and sprinkle the blood on the toe marking your picture with your finger making its fingerprint, and on the final of the contract sign with your fingerprint marking with its blood inside the goetic symbol on the pyramid that is on the parchment. Shortly after signing the contract, burn it on the the central candle of the altar, and burn the photo with the blood on the white candle and red candle. And follow the note that is after the text of the contract.

@MDD – Blood, photo and name on the contract…

In the name of Lucifer and Satan by the powers of the masters, Leviathan, Belial, by the power of Baphomet and Astaroth who are here to witness this pact.

I make this pact with thee Lord Lucifer
Handing my body,
Handing my mind,
Handing my soul,
For the Lord Lucifer, My Eternal Master.
In return I ask Wisdom, that I am an enlightened person I have a lot of knowledge in this world I desire material wealth, I ask a lot of money luck and prosperity.
I accept your laws and your words, and I am fully aware that I will be punished with a terrible death if I break this pact, or if I leave.
I promise I’ll be true to you I promise to serve you praise, and will be ready to follow this path and make all your wishes, because today I was reborn in your name and in your power and I surrender myself into your hands. I ask that you fulfill all my wishes and free me from all the evil, only bringing me happiness. Amen
I pledge allegiance, to never break this alliance.
My flesh is your flesh.
My blood is your blood.
My mind is your mind.

So mote be. Ethãn …

@ MDD - And what you gain in the contract? It is an open door to vampirization, and the worst is that poor Lucifer wont gain anything with it … It’s like those guys using the image of Mickey Mouse in the festivities without paying copyright. The victim delivery, delivery, delivery …


-repeat 3 times before burning the contract.

  • Repeat 3 times while the contract is burning.
  • Repeat 3 times after the contract is burned

I -------------

I deliver my body to Lucifer
I surrender my mind to Lucifer
I surrender my soul to Lucifer,
My flesh is your flesh.
My blood is your blood.

Lucifer accept this contract, my sacrifice "HALELUCIFER. Amen

@MDD – “Halelucifer” kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

You finish the ritual by saying another prayer.

@MDD: As Crowley said “The Slaves will serve”.

There are many others with other spirits and egregores.

So the person thinks that will evoke a powerful spirit and will be possessed by a powerful legendary spirit. But will end evoking a trolling spirit that will screw up the person.

What matters as been said, is the spirits sigil. LOL

@MDD:” Means that Deldebbio is commenting the ritual, not me.

It could be my case indeed…
Did you all think i haven’t thought of it ?
That is why after evoking Lilith…making a pact with it…
I know it was stupid that only after it i did such, but after…
I went on evoking Astaroth
That was when i knew it all
So yes, i do know i ain’t dealing with a troll or stupid leech.
Above all…
I already knew from the first ritual…
that it was lilith and that this was all as it was…
onlY! If it is a very well organized group of leeches ?? Is that possible ?

Yes, it is possible. Here in Brazil the Quimbanda temples have people asking for help because they performed such kind of rituals.

Since those are parasites and are not really powerful they end being devoured, destroyed or took away from the victims.

Nao homem estou perguntando se é possivel haver um grupo deles porque a primeira vez quando eu fiz o ritual ( que nao era esse e nao tinha nada que ver com esse que voce mostrou ) eu senti varias entidades, uma Bem Bem Bem mais forte que todas as outras…e ao menos umas 10 mais…

Sim. Existe isto sim. É o que mais tem.
Se você ir em um terreiro descente, eles tiram tudo isso de você. Caso você goste deste tipo de atividade, aproveite o curso Mastering Evocation que vai sair e faça algo legitimo ou pratique Quimbanda ou Vodu Haitiano.

Não vale a pena perder tempo da vida com essas besteiras.

(Sorry for the portuguese)

Eu falei com Lilith Divinator e Astaroth me confirmou…porque besteira ? :wink:
Eu sei que tudo o que tenho falado é bem verdade… ( sorry for the portuguese guys )
Tenho um contrato com ela…e é de sangue…agora nao tem como voltar para tras e mesmo que tivesse eu nao quero voltar para tras porque para tras, nao e caminho! :wink:

Tem sim, mas você não quer. Eis a questão.

(Done with portuguese)

Of course i don’t…i have a pact in which my end of the bargain is to deliver my soul and my body, their end of the bargain is to let me serve them and be part of their family which i deeply wish…why wouldn’t i keep the " deal " ? It is everything i ever wanted in my life! =)

[quote=“Divinator, post:3, topic:1293”]Yes, it is possible. Here in Brazil the Quimbanda temples have people asking for help because they performed such kind of rituals.

Since those are parasites and are not really powerful they end being devoured, destroyed or took away from the victims.[/quote]

Two things I took away from my viewing. The spirits by me don’t think it is lillith. But at the same time whatever it is doesn’t seem to be as weak as what divinator is talking about either. The astral world is vast, whatever is around you could be any number of things.

It is not her around me indeed you are right…
I am protected by her though O_o
Or so it looks like…
It could be indeed a vast number of things and i am 90% ok 99% sure that it is a lamia…
How powerful can a lamia be ? Don’t ask me! I really don’t know =/
I would like to… but i don’t.

You question my English, you Question my existence, several have come to see me, several got the same answer. What more do you want ? That i bring her to you all for you to SEE ? I would think twice before that happening…and yes this is me, not him.
I am even going to separate it so that you know who’s who.


I am told that i shouldn’t discuss much further this matter, or i can be in danger of losing the contract on their behalf. What i can say though is that…
If we are to talk about traps…i am not in one.
Someone can be, i am not.

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