It seems I have some issues with Lucifer

Just now I made a ritual to my boy Bune. I normally don’t do these things when I’m off but he asked for it and after I made an offering he whispered to me that Lucifer is displeased with me and hinted that the time to make things right is now.

Why would he be upset with me? Without going into too much details, years ago I have requested him to bring back someone I care very much for. And he did, he even told me the exact day that would happen. However a few months later I had a falling out with this person and I feel it was my impatience that caused it. I felt that I squandered Lucifer’s gift and up until now nothing worked to get that person back. I feel this might have been the reason.

Has anyone done a forgiveness ritual like this before? I am a bit stumped where to begin. What should I offer him? Getting the person in question back is certainly a very high priority for me and so is maintaining good relationship with the gods. Anything helps!


I’ve messed up a little, say, evoking after a bit tooooo much alcohol. Of course they came into ritual, things were said, and, the next day, I had to go back into ritual to formally apologize (Lucifer was one of several).

The point is that you have to own up to it. Apologize, mean it, but don’t grovel or beg. Not for me to say (or know) if you’ll get your partner back, but I do know there are plenty of others if you don’t.

Oh, I wouldn’t apologize AND ask for the person back in the same ritual. It lessens the sincerity.


Agreed. I was possessed by Belial and he was angry at a dude. The guy went “Hail Belial” causing to get more angry. I think his exact words were “Flattery wont work with me”


I mean, if you want to talk to him about that, you can call him, apologise and make an offering. You two can also talk about it and sort it out like that.


A tiny tip in that offering. Look at what you are doing here. You are saying that you are sorry and that you’ve made a stupid mistake and why you made that mistake. Turn that around in a ritual towards him.
I would write it down for myself. Why I’m sorry and why I regret. What I’ve done and how important he is to me. That sets intend and that’s quite powerful.