It’s in their hands now

Long story short…I made a really bad decision. A really stupid decision. I fucked up. I won’t go into a lot of detail right now, but I’ve asked King Belial and Lord Lucifer for help in protecting me.

This post is to show publicly that I’m putting my faith and trust in them and their abilities.


What’d you do?

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They came through like champs! Hail Lord Lucifer and Hail King Paimon! Thank you both!

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Made a pretty big legal mistake. My own stupidity.

Absolutely anybody on this forum will tell you about Belial and court cases. He’s knocking one out of the park for me right now.

So far, the accusing party has gone back on deals, lost their supposed evidence, misplaced things that show that I’ve been compliant with their investigations, and have said things in court that has made the judge look at them with a look of total disdain.

Once everything is done, I’m sure somebody’s probably going to be disbarred.