It’s easy to think God is good

Till you actually read the Bible.


It is easy to think an argument is good.
Till you actually think it through.


It’s easy to think your straight.
Until your dick gets hard to a guy.

Sorry I had to :joy::joy::joy:


In the defense of the goddamn book, the Elvis Presley of books, not any book, but a collection of books selected for politically cementing a government, we are of course talking about…The Bible.

This book is big, no one is entirely sure of what to put in it, some say that God thinks the physical world to be a fucking mistake (I agree), and that somewhere in the book is a line about homosexuality that makes people on all ends steaming mad.

This thread is pure baiting, so I am going to start dragging the fishing line a bit to poke fun at it, because hell, I am bored.

The Bible did nothing wrong, all it really says is that God hates us and his son loves us.
It is a bit schizophrenic at times, but that happens when a gorillion of people decide that their opinions on things are worth shit, and surely, this forum itself stands as a testament.

Hell, the Bible could very well have been one of the first forums.

E.A Koetting is our God, Lady Eva is Jesus Christ, E.A is absent and busy with important shit (much like God), Lady Eva is loved and the judge of our sins (Jesus), and we got people who act as prophets (literally everyone who writes on this board).

What one guy says in the Bible does not apply to every writer of the Bible, much like the word of you or me does not represent neither Koetting or this forum.

Sure, God fucks a lot of people over, but God also fucks over a lot of animals, plants, and rocks, but I don’t hear you complain about humans throwing crackers into ant nests.

I agree with God, creation was a fucking mistake, and humanity gaining just a sliver of divinity from eating the fruit in Eden have been an unmitigated disaster.

As such, I would use this thread for something good.
I want everyone who agrees that the Creation was a mistake to say “Aye” in this thread, and if we get enough Ayes, we should petition Lady Eva to tell E.A Koetting to unmake reality.

Because that makes perfect fucking sense by this point.


I am that good at my job, @anon59886753.

Seems like you had a lot on your mind buddy.

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Brother David has yet to present a well thought-out fleshly argument against Christianity. It’s depressing because I actually wanna debate.


I always do. :stuck_out_tongue:
But in this case, I am just tired of all the damn “I hate Christianity” I get blasted by everywhere I go.
I am not a christian, but I got a sense of kinship towards Christianity which makes it annoying to pretty much daily hear “Christians are stupid and evil” in the communities I tend to gravitate towards.

I still think creation was a mistake tho. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, me too, but last time I tried he pretty much told me to fuck off.
David neither come with good arguments, reasoning, or any interest in actually debating anything.

If he would keep his annoyance at Christianity in his own private journals, I would care extremely little, but he is putting it in the public part, which means fair game.

Due to the aforementioned unwillingness to debate, I have moved on to sarcasm and satire, because that makes me happy when my brain don’t get a good old word fencing.

Oh good, it’s not just me.

Like, seriously, after the fifth time, it gets really old really fast and it’s the same bullshit over and over again.


Eh people hate, it’s human nature. If it isn’t Christianity, it’s other lefthand path groups.
I understand the anger towards Christianity though cause I was pissed when I found out I was lied to my whole life. But sooner or later you gotta move on.

Just like any true work of art :sunglasses:


You could always start one. Either on the forums or with yourself.

I have respect for my surroundings, so I won’t be blasting anybody with my Christian knowledge anytime soon.

But if I see something, I say something.


Too bad, I would love if someone lit the fuse in this dynamite factory.
But then, that level of mayhem could potentially send us all into detention by the forum mods.

Perfectly describe my stance as well.
I disagree with most of the forum in things, I believe in healthy levels of disagreement, because disagreements and the following discourse leads to evolution.


:rofl: This is fucking hilarious! :laughing:

Ah, that is so very far from correct, but an artefact of certain RHP schools of thought, if you want you can read my experiences here in short form, and here, in more detail: My RHP Experiences ~ Union, Power, And Decay

You need Ashton on this, but he’s on a sabbatical and may or may not come back, but he did some blinding posts on the real history and influence of Zoroastrianism:

Do a search in his posts for some top quality stuff. :+1:

Numbers 22 - 24 my friend… that is not everyone’s god. :thinking:

Now 'scuse me, off to turn some tap water info coffee. :smiley: :rofl:


Will do. :nerd_face:

Ah, yea, I know. :smiley:
My “God” is a Goddess, so God is not my “God” either, in its relative sense.

That entire post was meant to be satirical. :smiley:

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Nah, there wouldn’t be much mayhem; just a lot of angst regarding JCI. The church really did a number on some people.

Besides, Eva is not that anal. In fact, she’s actually very welcoming of debates.

I have a seldom given respect towards Eva’s moderation, mainly because the first thing I do in a community is figure out how the management handle stuff.

No, she ain’t the problem, the problem is that people who start the shit don’t got the brains or balls to owe their shit.

Not even a week ago, I got flagged several times by a member for merely being part of the debate and even when I said nothing offensive.

To be entirely honest, and a tad brutally honest, if you are too weak to take some heat in a discourse, you should just stay clear of it, perhaps just join the silent majority that prefer the indifference before growth.

When men (humans, not just humans with dicks) sit around a table and talk shit out, I believe that something truly profound happens, they bond and form a real form of respect towards each other.

The problem with the occult communities is that there are way too many people playing pretend.
They are the incarnate of Lucifer, but they can’t talk, they can’t stand up for themselves, and they can’t back shit up with anything but curses or threats about curses.

The LHP should be about personal growth and power, but no one really wants to grow, and power is burning a couple of black candles and pretending you are Satan’s chosen.

I am displeased, some guys and gals on the boards seem to be badasses, but clearly they have absolutely no interest in touching anything beneath their elevated positions.

Why should they?

Still, everyone are so goddamn powerful on this forum, but they can’t walk the talk.


Fucking awesome post, though Id argue that God loves us first and foremost before everything

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Omfg if I could pick one superpower I would soooo pick that.

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