It might be a good night

…To do something magickal. Why? Because I have been up for like 26 hours straight now and by the time night fall hits it will be around 32 hours. When I stay awake like this and don’t sleep my senses are constantly heightened like being in theta gamma, but I’m fully awake. I had headphones on a minute ago at full volume and I could hear my daughter walking thru the house I just knew she was going to come in my room before she even got to my side of the house, like my hearing is amplified, usually I can’t hear shit when I have those headphones on.

But in this state of mind, since I have fully awakened my astral sight, I am seeing darkness, white clouds of energy, light orbs, and random wandering spirits on occasion too during the day without even having to try so if my senses are this heightened, by tonight if I go into theta gamma, I should have some pretty powerful results. I have been staying awake like this a lot lately. Ever since I started making regular contact with King Paimon my brain does not want to shut off, I am focused on the occult 24/7.

But I did tell him I wanted to learn more, asked him to be my teacher and I told him I was up for the challenge, that I am persistant and that I enjoy learning and am willing to do many things for myself so I do not have to bother spirits to do everything for me, if someone will just teach me what I need to know to succeed. I pretty much gave him my word that I would remain dedicated to my workings and my education, so I think he is just taking me up on my promise by literally working me non-stop.

Everything I do lately involves the occult in some way or other, but I am learning from these experiences. Maybe he knew that I could handle such a vast work load which is why he is keeping me so busy? After all, if he thought I was not going to be serious about my studies, he would’ve just ignored me. But I am used to working non-stop, I have to keep busy or my brain gets bored too easy. But I told him I would work to promote the occult, demons in general, and him as often as possible in exchange for his services so he is taking me up on my offer by expanding my talents and having me engaged in multiple projects at once, but everything has to stick to an occult theme.

Anybody else ever have a demon put them thru a rigrorous task list like this? On top of that I am working with another entity who is also educating me and I promised him the same thing, promotion, so all of this work may be a result of working with 2 at the same time. I didn’t promise anything that I cannot handle or stick with, this is what I wanted but boy, when they want you to learn they really put you to work don’t they?

I just released that musical album, I am working on writing my first occult based book, created a 2nd deviant art account dedicated only to occult and dark art, upgraded my pinterest account to include a ton of occult based boards, I am releasing several educational and instructional videos on magick and discussions on demons, and spending time online educating others that have the wrong ideas about the occult as well as helping new magicians when I can. Not to mention, I keep being urged to open a 2nd online store selling charged paintings, custom talismans, hand crafted blank grimoire books, and pre-assembled gris gris bags.

Do they always work you this hard when you state “teach me all that you can” or do they only do this with those who they know can handle it without getting stressed out? Not complaining just stating that wow, they are seriously dedicated to teaching you when you ask.

As long as you’re benefiting from the spirit’s instructions, go for it. However, Tracy Twyman, who has been working with Baphomet for thirteen years, had to set some boundaries in her relationship with him. She realized that the tasks he was giving her and urging her on to do were for his benefit, not hers. It took her a while to catch on, she says, but she feels much more in control now, and she is still getting valuable information for her research from Baphomet.

No one is taking advantage of me. The things I am doing, I asked for help and encouragement to do them because I am known to procrastinate really bad, so I am not doing anything that I normally wouldn’t already do, but while I am doing these things I told the demons I would include them with my promotional efforts. And I asked to be taught everything they could teach me, so I am constantly finding something by accident that is beneficial to me, something in direct relation to my questions, but that doesn’t ever seem to end.

I am constantly fnding new things to add to the list of “things to read or watch” so the information just keeps coming but the occult is such a vast subject that it’s not surprising. But once they start leading you to useful information, the flow of information does not stop, always something new which leads me to want to incorporate my new findings into one of my creative outlets whether it be a drawing, an informational video, a song, etc.

I mean,I think this is really awesome.

I remember EA Koetting describing how when he was working for the O9A or some other Satanic group,the demons no longer helped him,nor served him.No instead,he was serving them.

They would quite literally evoke him,by appearing before him,and tell him to go out and do things.And sometime,those things would be obscene,or illegal,and when he finally said no,he quit magic and came back to it later.

When he did,the demons were happy,that he didn’t obey them,as those were tests.Only the weak ones would do these evil things,solely for the demon’s benefit.

So,I agree that boundaries do come with spirits.Any kind of spirits,angels may ask this of you too.However,that those bounderies aren’t just between you and the spirit,but they’re your boundaries.

As for what you’ve been doing,I’m gonna say it outloud,everyone’s thinking it,you’re not doing anything detrimental to yourself.

In fact,if anything,you’re doing yourself a great service.This sounds like an awesome experience.You’re not sleeping,not refueling on energy,and yet you’re working and working and working,with energy constantly flowing through you as if from the aether.

And then,you just need to perform magick,in it’s climax,now that you’ve practically ripped the veil that’s been set before you,and you are truly ascending.

So,you’ve become not only a magician,but a super-witch,and Paimon has taken your artistic gifts to their extreme.This is a wonderful collaboration of mortal and demon,that proves the true beauty of the Left-Hand Path.

As for whether I’ve ever had a spirit do this,yes,I have indeed.Multiple times.The most recent one,was during my time of possession under Djehuty.

You will find that I was taking finals,at the time,so my academic life was hectic,but the fact still remains,that it is insane what he made me learn.

He told me:’‘Is there any skill,or such thing,that you’ve always wished to learn?’’

I told him I couldn’t think of anything,and he listed a whole list of things,that I’ve been wanting to learn throughout my life.

I mean,some of these things are plainly stupid.Like learning to fence with an umbrella,everything on Asian history,the ability to read cyrillic as well as I do latin script(because were I’m from we learn cyrillic,I’m just not very good at it) or other such topics.

But I found it strange that in random internet surfing,I keep finding content that’s put out there,just to make me learn new things.And this stuff is all plain and simple,ways to master all these things.

Like,’‘the Cane as a Weapon’’ a manuel written in 1912,on using the cane(and similar things,this includes an umbrella) for fencing.Or a book of poetry in cyrillic,etc.

and this stuff kept piling during my time.I also channeled Djehuty for a while every day.My phone is actually filled with voice recordings where I can literally hear my voice alter,from my super awkward one,to that of an enlightened sage.

This massive explosion of doing stuff,is something I prize a lot.To this day,I’m still trying to fully master some of the things Djehuty got me to start doing(an example being take my love for psychology,and not only study it more deeply,but also hypnosis)

And much like you,I didn’t sleep much for those six or seven days,but I came out of it feeling much more…enlightened.I did spend my finals week,not stressing out,but learning seemingly useless crap that makes me feel so happy and so satisfied.

And that’s what ultimately was the intent of the working,to strive towards Djehuty as an ideal.Thoth cares not what it is,he cares to study,and apply the knowledge.He cares for scholars,and students,lifelong people who adore the world.

And unlike some people,I don’t get bored easily.On the contrary,even the floor is interesting to me.So he doesn’t have trouble keeping me occupied,just not making me waste my time.Thoth has clearly made me more like him,in the sense that I’ve learned to love some things,appreciate some things,know some things and do some things,I wouldn’t’ve thought would be possible,especially at this point of my life,when it happened.

And yes,I am gonna do that kind of thing,again,at some point of my life.Although,other spirits may also inhabit my body for some time,before I repeat a possession with Thoth.

Thank you for that valuable insight Arcane!

We have clear boundaries set, no one is commanding me to do anything, the demons are simply doing what I asked of them, helping me learn yet in a much much deeper level than what I originally expected, but still no complaints. After all, I clearly stated to King Paimon that I loved to learn and keep busy so I basically said in other terms to bring it on, I can handle it. So for all I know, he may be testing me by making all of this info available to me, knowing that I cannot refuse learning new things to see if I will truly try to tackle everything he sends my way or if I will give up easily.

It may be a test of endurance and dedication because I told him I am strongly considering a deep pact with him, well not considering it I am going to do it eventually, but that first I wanted to learn and in return I would make his presence known wherever possible. So while I am waiting to find out what he would have in mind for the pact, what he wants me to do on my end, I am tackling all of this which I really am starting to think is a test. That he wants to make sure I am not a waste of his time before entering into a pact. He probably already knows how it will turn out anyway, but as someone else mentioned today he is probably just following a formality, giving the person to be worked with the chance to try it out anyway and see how they respond.

I wonder if I invoked him into me for a few days, if that would help make some things more clear? Many things I want answered that would be best coming directly from him. I have been channeling information from him but if he were inside me the info would come much faster as it would come out directly thru me.

I have stuff like that, not with “demons” as such but other spirits… I get what you’re saying (I think), the line between being their human gopher may not always LOOK that clear from the outside, but you know when you’re being used.

The goodwill and positive contacts you can build up through it beat anything acquired through trad. methods of commanding spirits round and so on. IMO anyway.