It is with heavy heart....books for sale

Thank you for your time and good fortunes on your adventures.

2.000$?! I’m afraid you’re going to wait a long time before selling them here at that price?


Yeah, all these ifiots on ebay trying to sell EAs book or ONA stuff for thousands are about as profane as you can get. They sit on them like anyone’s really going to pay such an absurd amount. Totally unrealistic and aside from that you disrespect yourself in the world of the occult because it shows you had no business buying them in the first place because you knew you couldnt even use them but you sought superficial gain on others studies.

Perceptions, we all have them. Like people who criticize those selling real physical books only hold pdfs and are upset they have to pay a lot for the real stuff because they missed the boat ?? same deal man.

I haven’t even listed this on ebay and dont intend too. I have got all I need from these books and more. Id rather offload them to someone who needs/appreciates.

I only gauged the price on a few quick ebay searches - but was happy for offers.

If you are lumping me in the category you described you are sorely mistaken.