It got me right into it

So I stopped for a while and only do reading. A while ago I asked Bune to make contact with my mother nothing happened. I think because of my uncle that passed away I didn’t have the concentration.

Now @anon9236988 and SerpentsKey got me curious about Azazel. You know former beliefs always hold me back on him (dark aspect). But fuck it. Just do it.
So I used the invocation of Phoenix and my dear, I got freakin’ hot and almost felt a sleep. So I knew that Azazel was there. And with him I reached the TGS within 20 minutes, it’s like he helped. Then I saw my passed away mother smiling pointing something out. Like a stain on my clothes (strange). But it was a very great experience. Got me right back on track.


So this morning I was thinking Bune is connected to Azazel. Looks like they both came through. Many thanks to these entities it opened my way to the LHP.

Oh and just after the evocation a heard a bang in the kitchen. Nothing scary but something like you have problem hearing me, so I will make you hear. Cool :blush:

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