Issues with Jehovah

I’ve done a lot of reading recently about the true nature of Jehovah God (some of which I already knew). I have read about blasphemy in relation to casting god(s) out ones life. Here’s some background on me: I’m kinda “knowledgeable” about general occult practices and concepts. Unfortunately (due to many circumstances) I am still associated with Jehovah witnesses although I don’t believe in it anymore.The only reason I don’t renounce my faith IRL is that it would be social suicide. I wish to do a blasphemy rite against him and the holy spirit etc to break free and ascend… but I have some questions and concerns.

If and when I do the blasphemy rite, will my life go to shit as I don’t have the influence and support of Jehovah and his holy spirit?

(for lack of better words) With these obstacles out the way could my astral senses or third eye be opened after which?

Will I be cursed or terrorized for my discussion to blaspheme Jehovah by him or his servants?

Could i still keep my social standing after which?

I have many more questions and curiosities!

(I know this is the programming speaking but) My intellect is telling me “this all makes sense and I should do it” but something or someone is holding me back, and to be frank, I’m a little scared.

Please feel free to Pm me or ask me more questions, when when I wake up I’ll do my best to reply.


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Most people have never been helped by that guy. Are you sure he has done something for you?

Probably not, you still have to make the effort on your own. Now, if you feel this is a blockade, it would be a pre-requisite… but it doesn’t mean you’ll start seeing and hearing spirits just for that.

Why do you think this?

Most likely.

Your fear is holding you back.


Jehovah is a good god most of the time.

Just because humans act bad in his name, he should not scare you, do as you wish, Lucifer gets along with the Archangels but not Jehovah I think, but you can work with both

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Waste of time in my opinion, it Will not get him off your back

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Are you ready to risk everything?

Because, this seem imho as your main fear. And it may be - having heard about Jehovah’s witnesses how they treat and deal with people not following the same collective mind of their cult - that it surely isn’t without reason.

It is hard and difficult to walk on two paths at the same time, as you try; many cannot do that. And here’s always gonna be some conflict.

Your fear of being discovered, after doing the step you’re asking about, and in turn you losing your social standing and probably more, may become bigger afterwards.

Not only this, there is a possibility, that once you denounce and remove Jehovah but staying with Jehovah’s witnesses, you may become even more unhappy being between the witnesses and having to act as if, and having to do and follow the obligations of their cult.

As for “remove Jehovah” as I said above. I believe, it is rather a mental association of being still connected. However, to my knowledge the real Jehovah does not impose or force on one’s life neither good nor bad things (unlike the witnesses), if one does not believe, and pray and so on to.

These things could be very well seen as a curse, in themselves. But a curse, not imposed “from above”. But one, you choosed. To pretend in your social environment, and especially a cult like this, to be still one of them, to believe the same things, and so on, can be difficult and a conflict within and a daily struggle.

So, these are rather the things, that you should think about and decide for yourself and get clear in your mind… always imho.


I considered when leaving the faith I grew up in “pretending” I still believed and going along with everything so I didn’t lose my community. It became impossible but I do understand wondering if you can. If you live alone perhaps it’s easier but you would still presumably need to attend meetings and partake in religious activities to keep your social status? I wouldn’t personally go as far as to blaspheme as it sounds like from your post you still believe on a subconscious level in Jehovah and the Holy Spirit. I would wait until you are more confident in your convictions and simply spend some time looking into magickal texts and such. I personally am working with the Shem angels at the moment and Jehovah features in several spells and words of power… I know that JW faith isn’t compatible with magick as such but Jesus seems a pretty magickal figure and the bible is used in a lot of magick work - to me I guess I view it more as a grimoire than anything now. I understand wanting to reject the religion but I wouldn’t rush to do something like blaspheming… until you even know if there is any point to it for you


Agree with you Inner Goddess


So how did he let you down or was it the church when ever I ended up upset with him it was because of the church, a huge moral in Christianity is treat others as you’d want to be treated so if you start talking mad shit I can see maybe getting negative responded from the pop, it’s not all that hard to keep him and lose the church btw you just gotta say I’ll see it when it happens about the prophecys. As far as being alienated and shunned or leaving I agree with Him it’ll probably happen in such a close but society maybe consider branching out and netting new people befor you denounce the faith. The fear your feeling is probably his fear of losing you and you can feel it because you still have him in your heart even though your upset… as far as getting your abilities to interact with spirits if you denounce I’m not sure if he does anything to stop you from interacting but it’s possible to have a block it can also be self programming because you believed he didn’t want you to so to be pleasing you limited yourself and just doing some work on your self about your beliefes will help. Considering you can’t interact with him or others and sent filled with the spirit no one will ever know you renounced in the community only those with the presence abundantly would be noticed if they just stopped believing and denounced but tried to hide it. Only way they would find out is if someone talked to spirits and one of them narked you out but I doubt they would. As far as his influence about how much you get helped out I doubt it will change much because typically you don’t get alot of favor when your in-between anyways when your full with the spirit and people can tell they give you favor more at least being Pentecostal it seemed that way but we speak in tongues you can tell when someone has the spirit or not when they pray, I remember when I first got the spirit all the way and the congregation came over and tested it to make sure I was legit they moved my hands in different symbols and the language I spoke changed as my hands did. I’d recommend doing some programming about not going to hell to be tortured though your spirit is probably freaking out about that because of the beliefe you would have to fuck him over or sonthin really bad to get damned to punishment otherwise your basically free to do what ever. I personally have witnessed a celestrial heavenly garmet and everything and there presence confirmed my words that a select group were damned to torture for really really bad sins and that I’m accepted in the book of Life, even though I plan on spending time with Father Lucifer and Mother Lilith once I pass on. So he’s very accepting as long as you honestly love and don’t go out of your way to harm others or try to break other people’s faith. O yea spend some time and appologies to Satan like straight up you’ve probably bad mouthed him or years and never seen a repercussion he’s not anything like Christian beliefes he’s a god of wisdom even in the Bible besides when he tested Job at gods command basically it doesn’t say he did. Single thing wrong he tested Jesus’s faith and made sure prophesy was fullfilled with Judas’s betrayel. His name just simply ment opposition of God in Hebrew so he got blamed for basically everything man did that was against gods will or his people’s. Satan’s people’s Moto is treat others how they treat you so consider that and make ammens befor dropping your pertection from God, which honestly if I was you and you want out of the church get out but think twice before running away from him you’ll end up with a hole in you that you’ll have to rush into things with someone else to fill, you can still be his friend and not intend to go to his sanctuary. I’m down to talk in pm if you’d like just hit me up when you get back on and I always write short stories just a heads up. I even have the ability to give people forgiveness if your interested in that befor leaving so you have a clear conscience about you and him he loves you and just wants your love I feel confident he would ease your mind if you decided to leave by letting you know he forgives you of your sins and that will make the deprogramming about hell exc alot easier to deal with.

That really answered most things thank you, you’re right I’m holding myself back, Jehovah has done many good things for me and my family but when you don’t do what he wants, you literally get tortured until he and everyone under him breaks you back into submission or you break free.


Many have said otherwise, do you think it’s a mind over matter thing?

i think you are just suffering from post cult abuse, but Jehova has nothing to do with it, just do what you feel is best for you, dont worry about Jehova

No, I’m not ready to risk everything, I’m sure you can understand why. Having read others replies I’m seeing removing Jehovah as a mental blockade conscious and unconscious. It’s fine really, Ive been living a double life for long enough its normal to me.

Without trying to sound like I’m avoiding personal research, what are your opinions on the entity itself? I personal feel a calling to Lucifer and he makes me feel welcome and level headed. I don’t want to work with both per say but you know how Jehovah is with exclusive devotion…

Lucifer is good imo, but dont be surprised if he tests you first

It’s the moral haughtiness, You’re right, I’m upset with the church. In regard with the entity itself, I never got that “he is with me” feeling, even when I was fully devoted so maybe my anger is misplaced. I believe allot of this boils back down to programming and the gen real feel of losing something that ive had my entire life even though i know its wrong. As far as analogizing to Satan, that’s a good idea i should do that.

side note, I wasn’t raised in believing in hell so im not scared of that, The two final options i was taught were, eternal destruction and life forever on a paradise earth.

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I’m trying not to do these things just because of pure rebellion as i know the bible and entities mentioned within hold magickal importance etc. As far as a double life is concerned im working on distancing myself and trying to de program myself.Thank you very much for your reply.

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Tests me how? and what for?

you were devoted to nothing but a product of dogma which has nothing to do with that god

Lucifer is not Satan


thats up to him

could be for your strength and determination in this path and could be for other things

maybe i worded it wrong, i know Lucifer is not Satan. Thanks again.