Isolating targets from their ancestors and guides?


I am curious about how cutting cords between targets and their guardian spirits can actually be accomplished, beyond asking a demon or your own ancestors to do it. Does anybody have any theoretical insight or practical experience with this? I imagine that simple freezer spells and bindings would not be effective. Would direct evocation and negotiation/command be the only way?

  • I am aware that extensive shielding and protection would be in order
  • I am aware that divination would be in order and to never underestimate a target’s defenses
  • I am aware that the resentment of spirits can span beyond a single lifetime

I’m asking about this for knowledge of how to sever the connections if it ever really came down to it, as much as to prevent this from being done to me or those I care about (or how to go about undoing the damage).



Lots of things to consider here. I.guess the first would be whether it’s a deceased person, a spirit lesser than a human, or an egregore. The last two can be bound inside an item or dissolved/destroyed in some way. Or made to serve you.

The deceased human part is where it gets trickier. This will come down to your power versus theirs. Binding them to get them out of the way before working against the target is an approach. You could weaken them by draining them into something, if they’re particularly troublesome. You can evoke them and pin them inside the triangle to do direct workings, too.

I’ve not come across spirits of the dead that had the same power as a living human yet.


Thank you Norse. Sage advice as always :slight_smile:

This would have to be done on an individual basis then, for each ancestor. Do you think a cord cutting could effectively cut a person off from their ancestors as a collective?

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Shouldn’t be that many, actually. Once the people they knew in Life are gone, most spirits move on. When I call on mine, there are people I knew and a few more. Similar when I call on other people’s to help them. People assume there’s an army of relatives standing by, but that isn’t what I see. They have their own advancement to do, too.

Easiest way of dealing with them collectively could be to call them up and negotiate. Explain to them why that person needs whatever lesson they’re going to get. Another is to make your case to a psychopomp or Death entity to prevent their intervention.

Otherwise, you’re looking at binding them as a group. OR doing a binding/shield on the target against receiving help specifically from ancestors.


Overwrite them, convince them, destroy them, remove them from the targets reality (think like a forced banishing), change their bloodline to be completely useless or even detrimental.

The last is usually the best but the 2nd is usually probably easiest. The thing about “ancestors” is that they can span far into the future and far into the past, going before and after when humans became humans. They can also encompass bloodline spirits like the banshee.

Easiest way to learn the last would probably be Drogsch, but you can also look to your own ancestral line and how it was changed and effected over time.