Islamic Black Magick and Challenger Disaster

As you may or you may not know, On January 28, 1986, Space Shuttle Challenger broke apart 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members.

According to one The Naqshbandi Sheikh, Mr Yusuf Ziya Bursevi of Turkey, that disaster was a result of the Black Magic that his masters used against the shuttle. Their reason was simple; it was a shuttle of USA and USA was an enemy of Islam, and according to Islamists, innocent life at stake wasn’t important at all.
Still the Sheikh is very proud of what they did if you may check the video and not giving an apology at least not for what happened but for the souls on board still; after so many years.

Indeed Islamists’ view didn’t yet change a bit, if you check his Facebook fan page for example, you may still see hatred and almost all kind of it, and magickal wars against Europe mainly Germany, Belgique Sweden Netherlands, France and UK sure USA and Israel are always on top of the list. They say they do fight against Western Civilazation in order to protect Erdogan which Western civilization look with envy, as the greatest leader of that time ( exactly what they say) , who made Europe and USA to fear and bend on their knees. (However all of that crap ara no more than a cheap propaganda, and no one envies him at all. This is the biggest kleptocracy of all times, and they did and still stealing huge money of their own country for their own luxury, for example Erdogan’s wife owns 15 -25 % of almost all private hospitals in the countryand they came really from Nada and did all by kleptocracy. They ensure all the elections by cheating and there is no any independent judiciary of police force to stop that mess. By the way the secular part of the country, the followers of the founding fathers hate them and actually the country is on the brink of a huge financial, economic and social crisis)

Anyway if we return the magick, the Naqshbandis are a major Sunni spiritual order of Sufism and said that they use the collective power of the community similar to a coven and on that particular event, the Challenger Disaster they have also summoned an entity from Quran namely Al Khidr . They are still very powerful in Turkey, and Erdogan, the pres. of Turkey is also an ex member of that order. You may find the video here below, according to Sheikh, they have summoned Al Khidr probably along other entities so as to ensure the disaster which killed seven NASA members.

Al-Khidr is a name ascribed to a figure in the Quran as a righteous servant of God The figure of al-Khidr has been syncretized over time with various other figures including but not limited to Sorūsh in Iran, Saint Sarkis the Warrior,Saint George in Asia Minor and the Levant, and John the Baptist in Armenia. It’s worth to understand how to summon him and how his powers are used.

The video is here below.

Information about Al Khidr :


I would consider that possible if those clowns announced this nonsense BEFORE the event, not after it. Religious con artists use these major events to gain power over ignorant masses, by making such idiotic claims. Knowing that no one of the sheep flowers would dare to ask or question whatever garbage they’re saying, because that would be a sign of weak “faith” and sometimes you could lose your head for that !

This got nothing to do with Magick in my opinion, this is politics and religion at its worst. As usual.

By the way, I studied the Quran, Torah and Gospels for years. The story of Al-Khidr is nowhere in the Quaran or any scriptures of any kind. It’s mentioned in what Muslims call “Hadith” those are stories and sayings of their prophet.


Anyway we may not be sure. If you really look what happened at that disaster day, the shuttle escaped death two or there times. So even I do not have any ideas about those people, but they are very respected in their country as far as I see, Islamic magick is also a powerful tool.

We may not be sure of magick, even in any case where there is magick,that is the nature of things and no one can be sure of its existence as always , but here we are sure of the hatred and it’s so deep, and it’s there without any reason.


I think you missed some points within Quran, Al Khidr is passing with in.


Yes we can be sure. When you have zero evidence of something, then there is no reason of assuming that it happened or even possible. Especially when we’re talking about magick. In places like the middle east and many other areas of the world - so called 3rd world - 90% of magick practiced there is nothing more than psychological and religious tricks, done by professional con men to deceive and control millions of human power. Sometimes leading them to their own death.

Hatred is not enough. This is not how magick works. If we want to talk religion and politics, then no problem with that. But if we want to squeeze magick in the mix then let’s talk magick!

According to what I know about magick, what’ they’re saying is nonsense. It’s not even worth considering as a possibility or we will fall in the same trap as their ignorant followers. If there is one single evidence that those idiots were doing any kind of magick - before - this event, then we would at least a reason to think about it.


No I didn’t. The story in the Quran mentions a man, a wise man, a teacher for Moses. Never mentioned his name or his personal story. Nothing at all.


When I mean hatred, I did not aim to mix with magick, not at all. This is pure hate and nothing do with comments about magick applied; even that guy may be or may not be a con man of some sort probably being the top leader of an important order he does not need to be so; but for a while we may assume, anyway anything is possible but my point is that you miss is such that, even after 30 years at least a man can apologize for what happened I did not see a glimpse of remorse, or a guilty face or anything close and even they are involved or not and for me they did, they still show the same dosage of hatred after so many years and I’ve found that unfortunate.

That man, si the same order of the President and such men generally knows one thing or two about magick I guess.So keeping in mind the effective use of djinns in Islam, proabably they really used magick but an evidence I guess you look for somethimg a video tape of that time, yes this is out of reach but when we saw all these equations and put them together, a man from a high order of a country, a leader generally knows something even it’s done for traping followers why not another big disaster but Challenger, that can only be explained by hatred.

But I guess you do not see any magick here,but I think for sure there is some traces of it after all.

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It’s named as Al Khidr almost in all translations in Latin and Hebrew and so on and in all explications not an ordinary wise man but more to that it has a powerful side, not a man nor a magus an entity of some sort. I guess you are not correct.

Anyway I am not here to defend the quran but when I look data, I have 98 % relevancy concerning Quran and Al Khidr are bind together in Sura of Kehf (verses 60-82)

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I’m not doubting their hatred, they even hate each other! And I’m not questioning the authority of the guy, he is who he is for his people. A political and religious fake leader. Their hate for the U.S is not a secret and not new. There is much worse being said in many other videos, so this one is not special in anyway except because magick is involved. And this is a forum about magick, so I’m assuming that this is the point of it.

When it comes to magick, there is no evidence that what this guys said is true in any way. The fact that he says what he says AFTER the event, is a very old trick they use all the time. Just check their newspapers after any tragic event in the west. The same trick. What they’re doing is not magick, it’s mental and psychological control by fear and fake power. As magicians, we should know better than that. If professional magicians fall for these cheap tricks, then how we could blame their followers ?!!

Please name one Latin and Hebrew scripture that mentioned this fictional character, one that is not related to the Quran.

What you’re talking about are translations of the Arabic Hadith… that doesn’t give those translations any value more than the original. And the original is worthless. Hadith is completely made up, it was written 300 years after the death of Mohamed. When he was alive, he gave his followers direct orders to never write his story or what he says or does, except the Quran. Guess what? They did exactly what he ordered them not to do. Because this was the only way they can use the Quran to serve their own plans to gain power. Long story short… the character is 100% fictional. Not mentioned once in the Quran.

I memorized Quran-Torah and Gospels by heart since I was a child. That doesn’t give my argument any more credibility, but when it comes to scriptures I’m 100% sure of what I’m talking about. And the words are there for us to read. Please use a translation software if you don’t know Arabic language, and read what that verse says. Then please copy and paste the part where “Al Khidr” is mentioned by name, or where his story is being told in any way or form.


Rather than go on and on, I’ll just say: @PrinceX is right.


I did mean that for quran translations. Not in anywhere else for sure. What I meant is almost in all translations that I saw or heard his name and it’s mentioned and it’s binded to quran not hadiths only and there are whole of books mentioning Al Khidr, they relate him again to quran via these verses; almost always. Anyway as I am not an expert, please give me then the name of that entity, that wise man discussing with Moses f you know it. I only have one name for it and it’s Al Khidr, but by the way even quran is also a fiction and then what are we discussing…

Anyway I generally agree with you apart form that topic :blush: I see you dislike as much as I do these nonsense people. I maybe hate them not because they are muslim or something else, but they target even in fiction or in reality the innocent people, that is really bad.

Another matter comes with the the use of djinns in Islam and I guess Turkey has many experts coworking with them, this is worth to learn and investigate. Apart that another use of Al Khidr, would be via power invested in him for ages, not a regular magick but a modern outlook can explain that and again it seems interesting to me.

You can be sure I wish peace to everyone but we should take down such people/leaders fake or real, I guess for a better world, and anyway I have to add that ; I also have fun to discuss with you, thank you for your time and yes memes too.

JUST FYI Sheik Naqshabndy had no connection wiz any magick not white nor black … Most of Islamic sunni sheiks don’t deal wiz magick at all … The islamic sheaa is the one who uses magick in every action they take… U have to be sure of anything u share and u have to know Arabic language and not go wiz any translation cuz several people here sent me arabian videos wiz English translation that didn’t even close to what the content about


No one knows anything about that person. This sounds crazy but that’s how the Quran is written. It’s not a complete story but separated verses, each one could tell absolutely different thing about a different subject. And each story could be as short as few sentences! Simply because the writer of the Quran was using the same method we use when we’re talking to children… details didn’t matter, the point of the story does.

When that verse was told by Mohamed, he had huge problems with his followers because he was promising the non-believers all kinds of punishment from God and promising his followers all kinds of rewards. But God was not doing anything! Non believers were chilling and believers were eating dirt !!!

So he told them that story. That Moses was following a wise man, to teach him wisdom but Moses wasn’t patient enough, and always was questioning his teacher, at the end, that teacher had to kick him out and he missed the opportunity of learning amazing secrets and gaining unbelievable power. That’s point of the story. The character of that teacher was irrelevant, in Mohamed’s opinion so he didn’t care to think of it. And only after his death, his followers started to ask… who’s that guy mentioned in that story?!! So they had to fake that Hadith about him. That’s the story of Al Khidr.

My only concern regarding this matter, is that we shouldn’t give those people - with funny hats - anything more than what they deserve. There are copies of them in all religions, those you mentioned are the worst kind. But they’re extremely weak clowns. Real magicians would never use their power this way. Especially ones with religious background because they’re mystics-Sufi who spent long years purifying their souls until they reached enlightenment. I know few of them personally, they hate those “leaders” more than anyone. And yes, they use Djinn magick in ways that we can only imagine.

Anyway, was pleasure talking to you and really happy you like those memes :slight_smile:


As for the origin of the story, I guess you are right, he had no name and then somebody created a name for that wise name and he became Al Khidr, so for the actual perceptions I guess I am right. Quran is mainly written vaguely that is an intelligent way to follow because when something is vague it may have several meanings and depending on the story they may use that meaning. For example all the new inventions are said to already exist in quran, yes possible maybe but then why no one can come with a totally new invention directly originating from quran; yet no one and no one will be. The point is to be vague so it will always be right, like I didn’t say blue, I said a color, and even in the absence of colors you may still claim it’s black, something like that. All religions in that way aim that, magick and that what I like promise free will. Thanks again.

@Zeinaa yes that translation is correct - double checked - you may do or ask to another people to do so as well- whether fake or real he claims that he had used some kind of magickal power that is “asking the help of an entity by summoning him other than God”, at least it is very similar to magick even Sheikh may call it under other names, and that has been done to cause such a disaster.

He was also on TV but this is not Arabic; you may find someone to translate but this is for real.

and Yes He is truly a sheikh, a real one Sheik of Naqshabndy. Maybe you should warn him that he should resign because what he does is shameful at least even in Islamic standards and yet islam is a religion of peace, isn’t it ?

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That is from Sputnik, a well known site, originating from Russia,and news are not fake.

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The news is not fake but the story is probably fake, because there is no record of that Sheik saying anything in public. It’s only a guy saying that’s what the Sheik told him. And he “revealed” that AFTER the event.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all religions of peace, of course, they’re just misunderstood :grin:

Again, no one is defending organized religion here. People in this forum are more educated and civilized than that. Personally, I’m defending magick ! That’s my point. There is no way that this guy used magick to cause Challenger Disaster. There is no proof of that, and it doesn’t make any sense. IF he had this power, don’t you think he wouldn’t use it to get Jews out of the holy land ?!!! I mean, only picking this event then claiming they did it, is way too much for any brain to accept, at least mine ! There is no evidence to support it, and it’s not even logical as an idea.

Regarding Mr. Al Khidr…I completely agree with you. In general. The whole Quran is written in the most vague way possible so it could fit any understanding, however you look at it, you’ll be right. So it’s easy to make it fit anything. Scientific inventions, world events past-present-future etc So it’s not difficult for the writers of Hadith to fake their own story around that verse from the Quran.

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That one is not sunni sheik fyi … He’s iranian sheaa … And i was muslm and my 1st language is Arabic so , I know what I’m saying


I am sure of you we have the similar vision generally :slight_smile: And sure we may disagree from time to time, that means just discussion and that means there is spring, several colors different voices and ideas are always welcome.

I have replied Zeena and add that link for her as per her claim, if you have seen it.

As for you I agree, he may have or may not committed something, but something is clear, he showed a will. Maybe Israel do protect itself and attacks from time to time as they have to do so, as others should do so also at least we must be sure that we are loved so much.

Anyway we may discuss endlessly that part, but I see your points and we agree on general,as for the rest whether he did or he didn’t something is not much important after all.

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He is not Iranian at all, do you read English please, did you read that the site. He is from Turkey, 100 % Sunnis. His name is Şheik Ahmet Yasin Bursevi and lives and operates in Turkey.

Please check that site and translate into Arabic maybe that would be better and then please make your search in Arabic. That man is a Turkish sunni, that is cyrstal clear and you are totally wrong sorry, please check again all in Arabic you will see.