İslamic angels shows me different entities

I made an invitation last night, I did not see any change, at about 20:30, beings started to appear in front of the mirror,their faces weren’t scary and as if they destroyed my sense of fear there’s no reason to be afraid,They disappear when I approach the mirror,My invitation is the angels responsible for the Qur’anic suras in Islam,If these angels communicate with a human, that task is removed and that task is passed on to another angel.I gave them some incense and read the prayer written in the spell book,what can i do to talk to them?

Work on your claires if you would like to be able to hear, see, feel, smell and interact with the beings you’re attempting to summon. Energy work may not be the most necessary part of magic, but it can certainly aid you to learn how to direct it at a target or instance as well as help you to feel when the being has entered the building.

Learn to banish and protect yourself. Banishing clears the energy and beings around you, so that you are more likely to notice when something enters the vicinity as well as ensures you don’t pick up parasites and imposters along the way.