Islam experience

So I wanted to post my experience with Islam … if that interests you read on lol

Soooo basically from the time I was in high school I was studying different religions/cultures/languages has always interested me. I took an interest in Islam but unfortunately was a Xian at the time so I studied it from that perspective…

This kept on throughout the years and I was going through a period in my life where I was accepting and admitting that I no longer believed in the Bible as I had been taught. The family I’m from this wasn’t okay they never would have approved of this so I had to keep it to myself…

So the next step I took was I was trying to change things about my life and I already had a copy of the Quran , I was reading it and thought I could make the necessary changes in my life if I followed that system.

I had some friends who are Muslim and I contacted them after I made my decision. We visited their mosque :mosque: which is a very prominent one where I live and I made shahada (their confession of faith)

Well I tried to pray 5 xs a day,fast on Ramadan , etc and did ok at it but ultimately came to the same conclusions that I had had about xianityband just quietly stopped practicing about 1 year later.

My Muslim friends that I had don’t know but we don’t see each other often anyways. Just saying if they knew I walked away that’s a big no no especially practicing this.

I did notice that they had a lot of beliefs in spirits also.

Anyways that was my experience. I keep my personal practice to myself. Only a handful of people are aware of my current practice. And only a few knew when I was involved with Islam. To me it’s just something private

But I know that one day if I have clients for spiritual work then yes people will know. Sometimes I wish I could be out there with my faith in IFA but it’s all good.

Some things are better when kept under wraps :wink:


I think that’s pretty common for people outside the conventional Abrahamic Faiths.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.


I give you my sincere congrats for your Ramadan fast, not because of Ramadan itself, but because it takes a impressive amount of energy and guts to fast, i already did it, but for myself, with great results!
I have already read the Quran twice, so i know it is not my stuff,
But I thank you for sharing your experiences here.

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