Islam and Allah

What do you’ll think about Islam and Allah? Does anybody actually work with Allah by invoking or evoking him? Aren’t occultists’s scared of the growing rate of conversion to Islam? They might take over the world one day…


We actually had an extensive topic about this, but it can no longer be discussed since it is, almost inevitably, a politicial topic insofar as government policies and the actions of certain specific groups underlie the importation of large numbers of Muslims into non-Muslim countries. From September 5th last year, topics whose main premise is party politics, identity politics, or discussion of heavily politicised topics such as mass migration of peoples (and in this case, the political aspects of expansionist Islam) can no longer be discussed on the forum, though can via PM: here is a full explanation of that rule here.

So I mention this just to ask all people to please be aware of this rule, in case it comes up. :+1:

Mod hat off now I’ve dropped in that reminder, I have worked with some djinn, and some of those are Muslim. :thinking:


I doubt Muslim population is increasing. In reality it is Catholic Christianity which is increasing in number in spite of All this Child sex scandal. With in 10-15 years catholic’s number has increased 200 million , and That’s fucking a lot.

As for Islam Immigration and their breeding rate ( can’t remember the actual word for this ) is an issue.

Buddhism and Hinduism’s number is stagnant as They don’t emphasis much on Conversion. And Judaism is more or less a Family lineage.

As for Evoking Allah, He is technically not different from the Heavenly Father of other Abrahamic religion. For some reason most people can’t evoke Jesus so Evoking The real father isn’t that easy.


I don’t think so. It’s just the belief planted into people’s mind. Al’lah is not a name but an Arabic word, which in English is “the god”. Illah is the actual word for God in Arabic, not Al’lah. But this Al’lah is believed to be the Arabic word for God. Even Christian Arab use it.

Now, Muhammad is no worshipper of God of Abraham, he is an idol worshipper. Islam was made into religion, it wasn’t a religion when it started, they were memebers of cults. And Mahomet is the head. But everything is twisted now, they say Muhammad serve the God of Abraham; the Quran fell from heaven, some say written by God of Heaven and passed down by Gavriel. It’s all crap.

And do you know that Muhammad is not a true prophet, he is not a prophet at all. He claimed the title, and his followers especially spread it.

Indeed, it is alarming. But what can we do? People are condemning their faith, beliefs and going after Islam, saying it’s the religion God himself made. Crap! This God has no religion. Even Jesus didn’t come to create any religion. Religion is human tradition. The followers of Christ separated themselves from the Jews who are the murderer of their master; they even moved the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. Just to sever ties fully from the Jews. So they were called Christians (Followers of Christ or Christ-Like). Then today, it’s a religion.

Christian will say their religion is the one true religion, Muslim will say theirs is God made, the only true religion. It’s all backward preaching, human culture.



Depends on which Allah we’re taking about.

There is Allah the egregore man-made troll God of islam, which is one of three heads of the troll God, Jehovah, Yahweh and Allah.

There is however an actual god called Allah, he is a pre-islamic Arabian god.
The father of the Goddesses Al’uzza, Al’lat and Manat. He is the considered to a be a ancient moon god.

Also in some cases he’s believed to be a storm god.

I worked with these beings after being fascinated with the ancient powerful Magick of the desert sorcerers like the Sumerians, Persians and Nabataeans.


Hmmm, As far as I knew Allah Start with the pronunciation ’ Ah ’ and In Islam it is also sacred as it is the First Letter in according to them. May be I got it wrong there.

Lol, shit like this happens In world religions.

Hmmm, Interesting . Specially as The Symbol of Moon is so Important In Islam.

But don’t know about the Yahweh stuff, it’s one of the Key words/Keys in hermetic tradition. It has power.

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The word ‘Yahweh’ has power but not real power.

The word ‘Yahweh’ acts almost like a written and vocal vessel of which you may invest all you’re belief, concentration, energy etc.

The word is like a egregore in itself as many words are.

I’d say the only words which hold true power, are either the words we give power or.

The words of power given to us by the spirits themselves.

Yes, and do you know why it is so? The word Yahweh, some see it as name of God.

But the actual name is the name written in four letter words Yod Hé Vau Hé. This, they couldn’t found a pronunciation for it. Some call it Jehovah (making the Yod Jod) some Yahweh.

It’s not so real, so it lacks power. Even the Angels, Demons, other Spirits, many of them don’t give their actual name, but their ranks or titles.

But say this to them religious folks and see them argue with you.


hi , i grew up in muslim family but not anymore as a religious man . some say allah is one of three pagan moon gods of arabia , some say it s roots came from elohim in judish .alalu among anunakies. recently jerald clarck a recearcher in sumerian mythiologies some where in youtube said that allah was actually nanar son of enlil who betraid him ,in some cuniform written by the name ala. i cant see any holiness in islam as it spread out just by bloodshed and murdur but as lady eve said some of jins are muslim and in case this is very complicated😕


For those who know their geomatria and numerology, it may be appointed towards some meaning. It’s a very interesting read that everyone should see.


Islam as a religion is man-made. Allah as a deity predates Islam and got nothing to do with that religion. Islam is an invention of Mohamed. Pure garbage, with all respect to anyone who believes or follows that religion!

I worked with Allah many times before. Very powerful deity. Probably the most powerful deity I ever worked with in my life. But his energy is too aggressive, that’s my only problem with him. Things around you will get very intense, people actions and behavior will be affected by his presence, for as long as you’re working with him.

I don’t care where he comes from. I work with his character as mentioned in the Quran. Without any religious nonsense or unnecessary details about his commandments etc Only his character as a deity.

Side note : The word “Yahweh” is gibberish. Doesn’t mean anything. Learn the word from it’s original source. The Hebrew bible. The meaning of the word is very clear and very powerful.

I think occultists should worry about ALL kinds of organized religion. Unfortunately, Christianity is distracting and misdirecting people’s attention by using Islamic terrorism as scarecrow. Which is nothing but a creation of the CIA and funded/trained by Saudi Arabia. But that’s a different topic. Personally I’m not worried about Islam. It is very dangerous, but it’s too obvious for me to worry about. My real worry are the ones wearing white, preaching peace and love… and running the most disgusting and most criminal organization on earth.The church. And their partners who run and control the banking systems and all economic powers in the world.

In my opinion, keeping all attention on Islam reminds me of a story… the gazelle that went to drink from a river, and kept its eyes focused on the land, fearing a lion may attack. Got killed by a crocodile instead.


@PrinceX What did you work with him for? What areas of your life can he help in?

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Allah is very powerful. Every time I have done ruqyah shari’ah, it has worked. But, I don’t get involved with Allah lightly. There are easier ways to do things. As @PrinceX said, Allah is powerful, aggressive, and very independent. (It seems that Jesus and Elohim crave people’s devotion; Allah don’t care.)

As far as Muslim demographics go: I wouldn’t pay too much attention. In my opinion, all organized RHP religious groups are a threat. Islam is made to be the boogeyman by the Western media, obscuring how churches and synagogues and temples continue to enslave people.

Also, keep in mind Islam is only 1,440 years old. As religions age, their vitality is sapped away. Reform movements come and weaken the traditional authorities. And many people are born Muslim, but have an allegiance in name only to the religion. The number of people who actually take their religion seriously is falling dramatically. Consider where Christianity was when it was 1,440 years old.


Hi @Water I worked with him for protection and attack, finance, divination, and general self-improvement. He can help with anything. The 99 names represent 99 aspects, completely separated qualities of the same God. It’s like you have 99 deities to work with.

I didn’t find this detailed form of God in any other deity. The idea of “the absolute” God, expressed in detail in a way that people can use in their lives, regardless of any religious Dogma.

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Could you recommend some simplified Allah rituals e.g. steps involved/sigils/Quranic verses please ?


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Hi @tony11toes I will try…

You can use his name in Arabic language as a sigil. Something like this :

Look for a translation of the 99 names. Think of them as powers. Find the power that works best for your need. For example, if you want to make a person fall in love with you, you can use this name : AL-Wadood ( The most loving ).

Use the evocation method that E.A Koetting mentioned here :

And repeat the name Al-Wadood ( Think of the AL part as a short version of the name Allah ) And keep your mind on your targeted person. Feel the emotion you wish that person to feel about you. And direct it towards his-her image in your mind, or a picture if you have one.

Then follow the same steps in the evocation.

Make sure you’re clean, the place is also clean as much as possible. Do not drink alcohol for at least 48 hours before you evoke him and better if you don’t drink that day at all. You can drink next day normally if you wish.

Keep the name you used, and repeat it as much as possible… like a mantra. And feel those emotions for that person. Do that anytime, anywhere, especially before you sleep… that would help. If you can’t, then the ritual should be enough.


Thanks for the swift reply, PrinceX.

Is Allah quick in manifesting results, in general ? (even for complex manifestation requests)

Does Allah require any offering , other that gratitude ; during the ritual , and after results manifest ?


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Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes he’s extremely fast. He’s not a spirit, this is very important to keep in mind. He’s the absolute God, the creator. So for him, time is not an issue. He’s not limited by anything. As The God, he is above and beyond any limitations.

You need to keep a “holy spirit”, do not think negatively about him in any way or form. Whatever reason you may think of, to not having what you want, you should take it out of your mind instantly, and replace it with knowledge of his absolute power over anything and everything.

He doesn’t require any offerings. Even gratitude is optional. But you can promise him something as away of thanking him, not as a gift or payment. A giveaway to someone in need or animals. A sacrifice you make, quit bad habit, or praise him for a specific time by chanting his name or similar.


I made my Shahaddah in 2005 and Islam is the same as Christianity the only conflicting beliefs are that Jesus is not God and the Prophethood of Muhammad .Muslims are unorthodox heretical Christians.Allah comes from the same desert as Yahweh they believe in the same prophets that are in the Bible.Me personally I have abandoned all Abrahamic Gods I received a message from Orobas speaking to me through the Tarot saying abandon all misconceptions and to worship anything is to remove your own Divinity and become a brainless slave of laws that you cannot abide by.Submission to self is best!