Isil / is

Any thoughts as to ISIL / IS as being a ‘O9A’ type organization? I base this on those attributed to O9A organizational infrastructure methodology being also involved with Islam. Ten to fifteen years back, O9A all seemed as the archetype of a Satanic Mafia, an inverse, if you will, of the Mafia of movie legend with the implications of Catholicism at it’s core. The Occult lore replacing the Christian dogma. The Space adventure, as a future goal, added the concept of cultural ‘here after’.
The zero tolerance, speed and violence of their actions portray as what I perceive the O9A philosophy to convey, but yet, inclusive business model like use of technology to resource a supply chain and resulting logistic end result. As if a military organization with a growth model along with a linear growth resource base. As the competing opposition forces must rely on tax bases, sovereign and global opinions, there is an inhibited response allowing for an expansion of influence at a greater, faster rate than can be gathered in response. I find it all fascinating but can only compare it in organizational issues with The Marine Corps and commercial supply chain/ logistics functions. It is as if a ‘de-bottle necking’ process was factored in, much in advance. Regards.

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