Ishtar Name And Image?

The name Ishtar and this image or something like it came to me last night. Help??


Well it kinda look likes a heart to me


I mean it looks like basic hearts which Ishtar is the Goddess of love, lust, and war, among other things.


Is she trying to connect with me?

Sigil of Ishtar. I see similarities in what you drew!


Hearts, breasts, ass bent over. If I could do a drawing it’d be of some chick bent over turned round revealing her breasts in a heart shape with hearts in the air and in her eyes.

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LMFAO ok I will try

Yeah they look like hearts but also but cheeks.


is she offering me the booty :smirk:or? Lol

@RICHIECARSON it could be a possibility if she is well you can use your naughty imagination. I’m already imagining what would i do if she came to me.

Love the fact that you post this I’m watching this show as we speak it’s awesome

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I don’t think she is offering her ass-sets to you but she most likely is calling out for you just contact her you never know

Well, Ishtar is often linked to the so-called Heart Chakra in many systems. What it means to others doesn’t matter too much; what it means to you is all that’s relevant. If it is acceptable to you, roll with it.

Ok I will try to make a connection with her thank you everyone!!!:blush::blush::blush::blush:

@bunny4cam i have seen clips of it but i haven’t seen the entire show.

Its really good I love all the seasons it’s really amazing

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@bunny4cam what site do you use to watch it.

I’m intrigued what show are you talking about?

I use crunchy roll

Fate Grand order Babylon you can type in the fate anime series and they should all pop up