Isfet, Kek, Apep, Nu

Most of these deities have next to no information on them. I understand that Nu and Kek are primordial deities. Apep is the embodiment of chaos seeking to destroy creation. Isfet is supposedly the brother to Ma’at. The complete opposite of her in every way. Although some says that Isfet and Apep are switched, so Apep is the god and Isfet is the embodiment. I wish to work with these entities. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Or if you could tag someone who may have the knowledge, I would be grateful. Any information on ANY aspect of them would be great. Thank you all!


Start with their Wikipedia pages, these are generally pretty good and then you can research the information you find on there in greater depth by searching for things mentioned within them.


I second this!

In the reference pages, you’ll also find books and sometimes articles from reliable sources.


@Lady_Eva @jennaelizabeth Thank you both for your time and help.


Interesting note * Apep is a bit younger than Ra. He was born from Ra’s umbilical cord.