Is your love spell not working? try this

Just as pure unadulterated hate must be free from positive vibrations so too must love be free of negative vibrations.

Most people don’t actually cast a love spell. What you will cast, is something that you’ll convince yourself is a love spell but in reality it comes from a negative place, not wanting to be lonely, wanting to control another for selfish gain.

I can list 1000 reasons hear of the places people come from when they cast a love spell but I can tell you that very little of it comes from a positive place or embodies the truest sense of love. The easiest trap to fall into is right after the break up when your emotions are high but none of them positive.

In this case you’re doing a controlling spell, or a last spell or something along those lines.

It amazes me how everyone so easily understands that the kill someone you have to truly hate them with every fiber of your being, you have to see yourself actually performing the physical act of killing someone and be in that focused state of mind for the magick to work.

I see very few love spells cast, wherein someone states I love this person with all my heart I devote myself to them I give myself freely to them I choose to make the rest of their life happy.

Therein lies the problem. If you’re going to want to control somebody and make them your sex slave then do a controlling spell, call it that know it’s that and embrace it for what it is and don’t kid yourself that it’s anything less. The doubt you feel when you perform it and the guilt you’re feeling after it 99% of the time will fuck it and you up.

Would love to hear others input on this and hear from someone who has actually performed a real love spell.


You have some good points. I believe this is can also be one reason why people often have poor success with love work.

  1. People often go into a love spell from a horribly needy place thinking that they need the other person to somehow complete them (because they are broken or something). This can often lead to massive levels of anxiety and I believe actually create something like micro spells against themselves because they are actually generating will contrary to their desire by negative thinking. The universe will set about to manifest your will based on how you are currently feeling (good or bad). This is why lusting for results is so counter productive.

  2. You’re right that people often confuse love with infatuation. Actual love is wanting the other person to be fulfilled regardless of personal gain. Lust is wanting to get something from the other person. Control spells are just that. I’m LHP so I have no problem with any of the previous, but people get confused about the differences.

Having said that, I’ve been guilty of making all these mistakes myself at times. You have some very good points.

TL;DR: I believe you have to identify the correct emotion to project or attach to the work you want to do, or you could get very different results than you might expect.

The books by Gallery of Magick (I.e. Demons of Magick, Angels of Wrath) do a really job of explaining emotional transmutation, and much better than my novel length posts do. :wink:


Great post @Aprentiz! I’ve been saying this to people who want to cast “love” spells for a while now. When you want to crush someone’s will, and force someone to have feelings for you, when you seek to break up someone’s relationship because you have decided they belong to you, that isn’t love. That is controlling, manipulating, and abusive behaviour.

Unfortunately, people delude themselves into thinking that kind of behaviour is because they love the person, but just ask anyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship if the abuser’s similar behaviour made them feel loved or threatened.

You’re not aiming to make the other person happy. You just want to force your desires upon them. That is not love magick, it is coercion magick, and the less delusion you have about it, the less guilt you will feel in doing in.


Completely agree, but that said - as long as you know that all you want is to bind and dominate this person’s desire and mind and are honest about exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve - it becomes what it is. And sometimes that is what one wants, and in LHP - whatever floats your boat. Hardest part is not to bind yourself through your obsession with the person you want to dominate.