Is your family dragging you down?

this thread isint one to detail a specific spell or ritual but one to ask the question:

are the prayers an higher thoughts of those closest to you fucking with the strength of your manifestations?

think about it. do you have someone in your family who has a vision of you in their head? does it match the vision you have for yourself?

as painful as it may be you may have to bind those you love to keep their manifestations from coming to pass to ensure your own.

do divination of your surroundings, the thoughts of those who love and hate you. find out what they think, and ensure your will takes precedent.

this in my opinion is true LHP behavior.

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I have found this to be true. I have had people find out I was into magick and they seemed either intrigued or concerned. You can bet your ass that some of those people are praying for me and that’s not a good thing. So I used a sigil from the cabal book of sigil magick that is intended to render prayers to the Christian or Muslim God ineffective.


Not a problem I really have, luckily (fixed any minor glitches a while ago) but just want to namedrop Cohzier - he will shield people from being prayed at, or similarly restricted by misguided but loving family who got the middle eastern cultist bug in their heads: his details, sigil, and representation are here.


Haha yea man its true everyone has that family member but here is the thing yes family is important, bowever do not let them interfere. I got people praying for me too but i dont care it will affect you only if you acknowledge the influence. The entities are far older than yahweh and his cult. But perhaps the reason their prayers have no effect on me, i have renounced and spat upon the name of yahweh and damned myself per se. So that is an aspect to cinsider. I know what i said goes against magickal logic as prayer goes however this realization seems to work for me. Just remember your individual power and will can be stronger than most basic christian influences. This is why spiritual alchemy and magickal alliances are so important eventually you sont have to sweat the small stuff bc you know that u are personally powerful, and i got some cool entities at ur back to help if needed. So my advice is keep your head down and keep trucking bc if you worry about all the christians praying for you you will be distracted from your ultimate goal bro


A good Auric Shield, or a Good or many Good Spirit Alies most often fix any Problem of this Kind that may Happen or have Happened, in my own Experience, Also as For Praying, i had many Member of my Family(Being Catholic) who always told me they are gonna pray for me, or that they do so, Personally i dont feel anymore Threated, affected or offended by that, Mostly because as i said in many Thread, The Abrahamic God, and its Disciple have no power on me, Basicly because i decided that it is so, I ‘‘removed’’ the Abrahamic God, its Religious precept i was not agreeing with etc… Of my Subjective Univers and thus they dont affect me anymore,

I find also for those who still feel affected by those Prayer send by Family member and the likes, That creating an Aura of Protection that Filter the ‘‘Unwanted Energy’’ of those Prayer and Turn it into Useful Energy for the Mage can be a Wonderful Method to get Empower by what seem, at First as a Bad things.

It’s basicly turning ‘‘Poison’’ into Medicine.

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Good description mephistor i learned how to convert incoming energy as well but u did a great jobs putting wbat i couldnt explain into words :slight_smile: that must be why also they have no effect on me the shield

This was perfect timing, I do have a family member who I constantly see praying, and feel as though they are aggressively praying for me, (not to mention their preferences for my life are at odds with my own).

Its kind of a toss up between allowing the belief that they can affect you, verses considering the possibility that someone’s psychic intention is affecting your thoughts, mood or mind.

They may be Christian, but that hasn’t stopped them from emotionally manipulative victimhood, and the like

I definitely get the idea that a victim mentality draws opportunities to become a victim, and so a change in identity/ perspective helps, but sometimes all things being equal, a strange flow of unwanted thoughts will hurdle me out of nowhere, while attempting a meditation.

It just doesn’t make any sense outside the consideration of thought forms and astral entitites.

Thanks again!

I’m guessing it worked well for you.

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Not exactly :joy: I began to feel them once more so I created a sort of protective grid around myself and that’s been working wonders. Not really warding, but utilizing the help of ancient protective deities.


Ok I see. You didn’t really elaborate on it, so I’d assumed that it worked for you :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have the Profane seals book, but I’m looking to get it.

I just called up Cozier for this myself today and he really helped me with this as well as gave other general advice about my path.

Tiamat also showed up too to help

Mind sharing the protective entities that you used? Can’t hurt to get excess protection right?

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I don’t agree with anything the Cabal does, says, or writes. Just a bunch of weak internet edgelords. Anyhow, I’d be happy to share my protective deities! I do the ritual of the Watcher and the ritual of The Fire God from Simon’s Necronomicon every couple of months. It works to keep away most negativity but my best line of defense are my ancestors and when shit really hits the fan, I’ll call on either the Light Elves or Ogoun (a Vodou Lwa).


Wow, thank you! I’ll definitely look into that :slight_smile:

Which Simon book is that from? He has at least two different Necronomicon books I think.

Also how would I get in touch with the light elves? They are part of the Norse magickal system right?

Unfortunately, christianity had been such a big part of my earlier life it has been like this thorn in my side that I couldn’t get rid of no matter how much magick I was doing and I could tell it was just still in there like a slow poison damaging me.


What did you mean by this?

This does happen. My family made my life shit since childhood. And later when I got into energy work, I discovered that I was getting rubbed by their bad karma, negative energy in a pretty bad way. Get away from shitty people, doesn’t matter if it is your own blood.

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Oh yeah, it’s a fact for myself, especially; considering that I live with my grandparents right this minute and have for a year now, (hopefully; that’ll be changing here in just a couple of months though). My entire family is Christian and no one’s as dedicated as they are. Ever since I moved in with them, they’ve constantly prayed for me which gets on my nerves at times, Lilith forbid they’ve tried to get me to come to church, (which explains the temptation/devil card when I did a tarot spread on all of this before I moved in), and hell. My grandfather gave me the ultimatium like last month that I either go to church on Sundays or can find a new place to live which really pissed me off by the way he said it. Of course, Belial has said to not worry about others that I’m surrounded by and just keep pressing forward. Thankfully; they haven’t been let on about my little secret just yet and I know that if I told them what I’ve been doing they would most certainly kick me out and really try to drag my ass to church. The time will soon come when I’ll have to spill the beans but not yet.


The rituals are from the original Simon Necronomicon. It’s red and black. Dirt cheap too. And yeah, the Light Elves are from the Norse tradition. They’re close friends of mine. @J.ARagnarson just did a video about them on his YouTube channel. They can be contacted in nature.

What would be the best way to destroy a prayer link that has been attached to you?
Woke up this morning and can feel the energy being directed toward me !

It’s 100 percent true which is why when I stepped into my true Mage form I discarded such friends and family who can damage my ascent

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