Is Yahweh real?

Then I will succeed.

Exactly. So if you decide you are willing to do whatever is necessary to change your mind and enter the right state of awareness to really break free from the childhood religious programming that is responsible for your skepticism, then you can and will change your own fate. It just takes a lot of devotion and determination.

My father is a preacher and I have been practicing magick since I was a child. I was suspended from kindergarten for chopping off some girls hair that made me mad. Told her I was going to use it to do Voodoo on her. LOL

I hope you are right. Otherwise, eventually, ill just eat a bullet to find out the truth for sure. But that time is not yet. Ill give it time.

Enki’s counterpart, Enlil, complained saying “Behold Humanity Has become As One Of Us”… this is what judeo christianity labels, “The Fall” aka, Using his Own mind and Will and ASCENDING, from his lower state to an Obvious Higher one, one in which We Became Co-equal With the Gods, or as the ever hated jesus said “Ye are Gods…” So dude, The Magick and Working in magick is already in you and whether you know it and intended it or not, has been in use by you to some degree everyday of your life.Your real decision, Be A God, Accept for Inherant Birthright, and expand and magnify your own Will and Force. The More you do, the more your will See the dividing line between Gods, Demons Angels Humans is non exsistant, arbitrary; and whereever and whenever you choose to allow it to tell you that you are less than them all. EA- the human loving side of the coin of which yhvh is the- you piss me off now I kick your ass side-- is known as the God of Magick, and is ever happy to to Light your way to bringing these forces into play in your life. i reccomend read and study these gods from a non commentary source as possible. Don’t fall prey to so much of the recent rant books which will tell you all about these gods— but rarely will they line up to raw historical fact. Ditch the bible and its side ‘records’ at your own risk. it is not the 'turn to god yhwh/jesus {about the same as gandhi is to pohl pot}. and there are tons of evidences left in for ‘those which have eyes to see and ears to hear’- which will direct the person willing to dig deep enough to find ‘the real Gods’ (you, me- and all of the ones we were told to stay away from over the pulpit) and unite with them as is intended. Good luck

[quote="jboy, post:19, topic:6431"]I will do my best. I will keep optimistic. i wouldnt be suprised, though, if fate has determined that i am not able to benefit from magik. This may just be my lot in life. Sometimes people are destined to be metaphorically fucked in the ass.[/quote]

We have all been there mate.
Most of us black magickians have been f-ed up at some time or other. I can tell you honestly I don’t know how I survived, in childhood or adulthood. I really shouldn’t have considering what has been done to me.

But you’re alive. And you may not think so now but you have desires. Stop focusing on the past. Its over, whatever happened is a memory. Living with shame and hatred and distress, is going to make you waste years of your presious short life. We humans don’t live long. Don’t waste time.

Buy some chalk, find a tiled room where you won’t be disturbed, draw a circle for yourself to sit in, and a triangle outside the circle, draw Azazel’s sigil in the triangle, light some black or blue candles on either side of you, and call Him. Heaven knows, Azazel’s sigil is the easiest ever.

Stop worrying about Yaweh, he’s a total prick. And he’s just going to drag you further into your own personal hell. You need to find your power and learn how to take care of yourself and grow your power. Worrying about whether or not some genocidal prick exists isn’t going to help you.

I know I’m being hard here, and I understand how you must feel, but the only way is up, mate. And you won’t get there if you’re scared. You have to make the first move, you have to ask them. Christianity is a slave religion, and you’re showing all the signs of it, get rid of the poison, focus on growing your power.

I hope you call on Azazel, He’s amazing and He’s helped me, and many many others tremendously.

Any encyclopaedic research will show you that Yahweh is based on Canaanite God El (and maybe even Marduk). That’s why El (which means “The Lord” or “God”) is also one of Jehovah’s/Yahweh’s names in the Bible (and manuals of Judeo-Christian magick).

Numerous articles and essays have been published on that subject. It should now be common knowledge, but most Jews, Christians and Muslims seem to be completely oblivious and ignorant of that fact, and insist Yahweh or Allah is the Supreme Being, the Creator of the Universe, and that worshipping, allying oneself w/ other Gods is a grave transgression.

I’d say Yahweh/Jehovah is a thoughtform (or an egregore) based on Canaanite God El. As for Allah, he’s simply an Islamic version of Yahweh. Allah is a word that means “The God”, and just like Yahweh, he is said to have created Adam & Eve, be in opposition to Satan (or Shaitan/Iblis/Azazel) etc., though depicted differently.

In the Koran, Muslims are the chosen people, not Christians or Jews. Apparently, Allah was also based on a Moon God.

What about this? Try summoning Canaanite God El, and see who shows up. You’ll then be able to ask Him questions.

Canannite God El:

Whether or not the exodus of the Israelites was factual, blindly follow, don’t complain, or you’ll die in some fucking desert is not for me, NO WAY! I see the whole story as follows: Humankind are slaves, until we embrace our own godhood. Unfortunately, the world is full of egomaniacal, self-appointed leaders, who will demand complete submission, dangling the carrot of some kind of paradise or promised land. Become their slaves and you will end up dying in some kind of desert. Don’t even think about complaining, or the leader will do whatever necessary to keep you silent and subservient. Warren Jeffs is a modern day example, that springs to mind.
As for magick failing, you are over thinking it, like so many others. In your case, jboy, it is scepticism. Other people worry themselves sick over details such as colours and directions. If you truly believe that your spell won’t work, because you couldn’t obtain the right coloured candle, then it probably won’t. That is not because the candle colour had so much inherent power, but because you believed it to be so.
I don’t believe that YWH, or any other entity is standing in your way. You need to get out of your own way. There is nothing wrong with science, or scientific thinking, but it doesn’t appear to be serving you as a magician. Anton LaVey wrote a fair bit about suspension of disbelief. I think, jboy, you might like some of his stuff, as he takes a common sense approach for the most part. He does, however, refer to one’s ritual space as the “intellectual decompression chamber” and for a good reason. Any scientist will tell you that there is much that is yet to be fully understood. I could go on all day, about things that don’t require a reason, or scientific explanation to justify their reality. Suffice to say that magick, for now, is one of those things.

I agree with every word Shayde wrote in this post, but especially this.

And yeah, it’s okay to be a mental case - I was (and I’m still weird mentally, I mean have you not noticed how much stuff I have to say about how to keep your head together - I didn’t pluck that from thin air!) and it won’t stop you unless you let it - I did some of my most ground-breaking godlike work, changing reality and manifesting things, when I was regularly drinking 2 bottles of wine a night, crying myself to sleep and feeling totally helpless in the everyday reality.

To quote an old self-help cliché, “It’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re going that counts” - let go of anything in the past that holds you back and make that decision to put yourself first, not any gods, demons, or even other people.

Even if you want to become a raging humanitarian and save the world, you can only do it after you fixed and empowered yourself first. :slight_smile:

[quote=“Lady Eva, post:28, topic:6431”]To quote an old self-help cliché, “It’s not where you come from, it’s where you’re going that counts” - let go of anything in the past that holds you back and make that decision to put yourself first, not any gods, demons, or even other people.

Even if you want to become a raging humanitarian and save the world, you can only do it after you fixed and empowered yourself first. :)[/quote]

Absolutely. And to even show you how certain entities see us humans. After some self doubt about my abilities, the entity I’m working with now, realized my vacillating subconscious was hindering me, so this entity pointed me to listen to the words of this song.

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