Is valefor the same spirit as balphegore

is valefor the same spirit as balphegore: well my question is kinda in the title, and i have done some research before that suggested they were the same spirit/energy. However, i was looking for it earlier and couldn’t find that.

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Not as far as I’m aware… they have different origins.

Valefar is also known as Valefor, Malaphar, and Malephar. He comes from the Goetia. His skills help encourage disloyalty, but also discover hidden secrets and perceive a path forward.

Belphegor derives from the city god Baal-Peor, (Ba’al meaning Lord), not part of the Goetia, patron of the Moab, a kingdom known to have been along the shore of the Dead Sea in what is now Jordan. He was a phallic deity, associated with sex, orgies, and all forms of debauchery in general.

It’s possible that the people that wrote the keys of Solomon just nicked Peor, and that I haven’t looked into, but then they spun a whole different energy into it. So it becomes about what kind of energy you want to work with, and making your choices based on desired results, imo. :thinking:


@Mulberry very very informative and detailed, thank you.

I actually invoked Belphegor this morning, and his energy was really calm and not tricking in any way. All my questions were answered honestly. However i want to affirm why did he come so fast, like the sigil opened real quick and he was there. So i asked were we introduced by king amaymon? because the last saturday i called upon king amaymon and asked for a spirit to help me with few things, since he told me he wasn’t the right spirit for what i desired.

Side note: the thing i asked for doesnt invlove sex at all. Its more of a financial and legal work that needed it to be excel rated, and lord peor agreed.

Any thoughts?


It makes sense to me that the deity of a city shouldn’t be a one trick pony, and might have some skills in bureaucratic matters :slight_smile:


No Valefar is not Balphegore

He is his own spirit.