Is todays right hand path actually left hand path?

For example if I said fucking queers make me sick…! Im seen as being evil right ?


More like a racist.Please don’t stick tags so easily.We’re in 2015 dude

I think in this case it’s more about being politically correct. People seem to get amusement by insisting that something that’s been around for years and never bothered a soul, is suddenly terribly offensive.

You can’t say Indian when refering to a Native American

You can’t say black anymore, it’s offense to African Americans
(even though they don’t like the term African American either because most of them will say, I ain’t from Africa!)

Can’t say handicapped, it’s handicapable because they can do everything that people without wheelchairs can do.

Can’t say mentally retarded or mentally challenged
(they’re not challenged…they’re special because parents don’t want to admit that their DNA fucked up somewhere during the 9 mo. cycle)

Can’t say stewardess because the -ess on the end is exclusively female so it’s offensive to gay men that work on air planes.

Can’t say merry christmas because it’s offensive to atheists

Can’t say happy holidays either because it’s offensive to christians

I’m so sick of this “I’m offended” crap that I could puke all over the next person’s shoes that says that phrase! Starbucks can’t even have a plain red holiday cup because it’s offensive to christians since it doesn’t have jesus printed on it too. Next thing you know, people will be complaining that they are offended by the Target store logo, because targets promote gun rights and violence.

People can’t make up their minds, nobody in the sheep crowd really knows what they want. 40 years ago it was okay to put a sign in your front yard that said “negros that set foot on this property will be shot without warning” now you can’t even say negro even though it’s just another word for black in a different language. And it was perfectly acceptable to tie up a gay man and drag him down the road with your pickup truck. These days, you are shunned up if you don’t treat gays fairly. So see how things change?
And actually, magicians and witches are probably the only group of people that are treated like dirt where it’s still okay to treat us that way by the majority of the world. But if anyone treated a christian, or handicap, or gay person that way there would be major riots and lawsuits.

Nope, just a retarded asshole with an unhealthy fixation on what other consenting adults do in bed.

And no I’m not playing the offended card here, just stating my mind freely. :slight_smile:

BingoHandjob, go read Stephen Flowers’ book Lords Of The Left-Hand Path:

Essentially, the left-hand path is the path of non-union with the objective universe. It is the way of isolating consciousness within the subjective universe and, in a state of self-imposed psychic solitude, refining the soul or psyche to ever more perfect levels. The objective universe is then made to harmonize itself with the will of the individual psyche rather than the other way around.

Where the right-hand path is theocentric (or certainly alleocentric: “other centred”), the left-hand path is psychecentric, or soul/self-centred. Those within the left-hand path may argue over the nature of this self/ego/soul, but the idea that the individual is the epicentre of the path itself seems undisputed.

An eternal seperation of the individual intelligence from the objective universe is sought in the left-hand path. This amounts to an immortality of the independent self-consciousness moving within the objective universe, and interacting with it at will.

So in the modern definition, the LHP/RHP split lies on where you wish your destiny to lie - with God in his heaven by obeying his rules, or by doing the same to attain Merger back to some formless transcendence - or for the LHP, on earth (and other planes) being the best you can be.

No part of the “destiny of souls” interpretation requires LHP people to only do harmful work, or only work with demons, or wear black and scowl a lot - or act like retarded assholes, obviously was and is religion that perpetuates misogyny, homophobia, etc.

I was thinking the same thing a few years ago. Rampant sex and meat eating is rampant in the west so the Tantra version of LHP wouldn’t apply here, but being some sorta celibate, occultist monk would be LHP in todays time.

Yes they do. They want you to think what they think, say what they say, have the same opinion they have, like what they like, disagree with what they disagree with, etc., and most importantly, give the government the right to legislate good behavior. The fucking hippies, and the people they “educated” when they became teachers and professors are to blame for this touchy-feely, we’re all brothers and sisters, everyone gets a trophy BULLSHIT that’s ruining America and Europe.

I own guns (quite a few, because I like guns, and I enjoy shooting, but mostly because I believe in the right of self defense BY ANY FUCKING MEANS NECESSARY), I eat meat, I still call midgets midgets (because that’s what they were called most of my life, and let’s face it, “little people” is condescending and offensive as all get out), I reserve the right not to like any group if what they do offends, repulses, or otherwise disgusts me, and apologize for absolutely none of the above because IT’S MY FUCKING RIGHT AS A FREE WILLED INDIVIDUAL!!! In fact, I go out of my way to be as politically incorrect as possible around the “sending out positive vibrations for world peace” crowd, simply because I know it pisses 'em off. Fuck hippies, fuck liberals and fuck socialists. The only thing they’re after is people control. I will not be controlled.

OK, I feel better now. :slight_smile:

And I apologize if I’ve taken this thread off track.

This is all lovely and ego-affirming and I’m sure we all have groups of people we hate, but (moderator hat ON) BALG as far as I know is for faggot transvestite midget cripples every bit as much as it is for us who think we’re the fuckin Master Race - now, I could be wrong, there could be people whose money they will turn away. but I ask you this - was the body you were born in a result of some knowing act of genius by your fabulous present self?

Or did you just get lucky? Or, something you don’t quite understand, because if you did you wouldn’t be studying magick, you’d just be working that mojo?

If you believe in karma, of course, then you DESERVE to be white, tall, privileged, whatever - but if not stfu about people whose struggles you can’t even begin to comprehend, and let them, if they found this forum, feel as at home among us as anyone else, because anything else is just bullshit.

I’m going to lock this topic, bear in mind that no-one initiated it by asking for special rights or anything - it started out dumb and has just degenerated from there into whingeing about being the kind of person other people resent, which has NO place in the repertoire of any would-be “god”!