Is time travel and visiting and changing the past possible with magick?

I’m just curious. If anyone knows anything serious then let me know.


If it can be dreamed, it can be done.


Is that really true?


It’s one of what’s on my List.

I want to travel back to that time before Ptolemy’s Library caught fire.

  • Impossibile est nihil

Have you ver done it before?

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Like I said, “It’s one of what’s on my Lists”.

So I haven’t.

But I have heard about a spirit who can do it, travel back into 10, 30, 50 years. But I haven’t shown interest yet cuz I’m dealing with a lot now but it’s on my lists.


Who is the spirit?

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Which one? The Great Library that burned when Julius Ceasar had an oopsie, or the sister library that was destroyed in the final days of the Roman Empire?

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No. It’s currently not possible. Space-time is a construct of our physical reality, which is a simulation (like a computer game) and only marches forward. Currently, we can only screw with the perception of the passage of time while on this plane.

Magick will only transport you to a version, or memory of that past because the past has no physical location outside our perception. It will take both magic and science to merge and create something out of this world.


I don’t think so because if you changed the past, even if it’s one small thing- I feel like it would change the past and future for all of our realities because it probably wouldn’t be something that only affected you- it was affect the entire world and I just don’t think we have the power to do that.


I think the past can easily be changed in a thorough and complete way in an instant, and such may also occur regularly, that is because you’re only dealing with information you’re given now this moment, which can be anything and you wouldn’t think or know otherwise unless you were made to.

I’d go back in time and kill myself in the womb like in that shitty movie the butterfly effect…

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Haha, I’ve never seen it but I’ve heard of that scene. I’ve grown up for whatever reason quite fond of myself. I try to do, say, and look like exactly what I imagine or think is best that I’m capable of. So I try to refine also what I say or type to be exactly what is pleasing to me as well, to behave in ways which please me, etc. So I’ve never really wanted to kill myself or not exist or anything, because its like you have this ball of clay to work with, which is you, and you can maybe make it all sorts of enjoyable ways, but some people might not like their starting point or what they have gone through or the apparent limitations of their natural resources or whatever is available. I often suggest making the best of it while one can since it is also expected to end eventually and is temporary, but some people feel they want it to end even sooner than that, eveb though they only ever perceive now and can’t really perceive time very thoroughly, restricted instead to everything being compressed to a few memories here and there.

I’ve been obsessed for most of my life with time travel and wanting to visit my favorite times in his/herstory.


A simpler way to put it is that you can only alter time from eternity, and not while being subject to it. So, something from either side needs to mingle with the other (transience x infinity).

For instance: let’s say we’re able to create something to harness the power of a blackhole and send humans back in time. People would get ripped to shreds traveling at light speed. But what if we sent someone’s astral body instead? See?

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I saw that movie. The ending was so sad.

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I’ve been wondering lately about time and if it could be manipulated while astral projecting but I’m not sure. If spirits are timeless then wouldn’t everything be happening at once there?

Sort of. I wouldn’t say “happening at once” because that places the constraints of time on alternate realms, when in actuality the astral plane just is (eternity). So there’s no manipulating time while in the astral because there is no time. You can probably visit alternate timelines though.

However, time can only be manipulated by proxy from either end because of the nature of the realms. This is only one example:

  • Astral body allows light-speed travel without dying, theoretically
  • Physical world provides the energy, vehicle, and direction for the astral body to go to (time)

Different thoughts occurred to me throughout the years: travel in the past isn’t possible because it would be an event, so the time would go forward; our memories of the past are proving that it can’t be changed; indeed the chance of an “evolving reality”, as opposed to a “linear time”, would at least make time travel very difficult; still, maybe past moments continue to exist and future moments exists already.
Some theoretical solutions may be alternate timelines, like in “Back to the future” or (who knows) the past may be changed and the previous reality become a mere dream or be totally forgot…

:tired_face: If only

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