Is Thought Silence/Void Meditation a way into Trance?

Since I was sealed like I talked about in an other thread I’m able to keep my mind free from thoughts easily. My longest thoughtless void meditation was circa a half hour long.
Nothing happened.

How long do you need in thoughtless meditation to change the state of mind? Any experiences with this? Please tell me. Can this way trance be induced?


you need to meditate on a fixed point, i think it will help to become focused and control your thoughts

I’m able to avoid my thoughts easily.

I believe Samadhi “without seed” may be mental void. And in “Introduction to magic” by Ur Group such a void becomes an experience where the Spirit gets deeper and deeper in a substance which is now dense now subtle, now dark now light… In the same work there is an advice about possibly resign to stay seated or lying down (pretending that it’s impossible to do otherwise) and keep practicing, maybe indeed it’s a matter of longer time?

What about tantra and meditations related to it with breathing exercises, you can count the seconds on the Fingers till you get the rhythm. It induces automatically a trance.

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The conscious mind is programmed to pass thoughts through but meditation is simply applying a filter that the thoughts go to whilst you maintain whatever meditative style you’re approaching. Thoughtlessness exists but so does mindful thinking.

Can you explain it a bit more with the breathing exercises and tantra? :slight_smile:
I want my brain to change the modus for AP.

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Satanic Void Meditation . This might help explain it.


For astral projection I exercise for some days now the imagination of lying counterpart to myself. It’s hard to achieve but I feel my brain fighting to realize the imagination. Time will bring clarity.

Did you try the method with a Glas of water. Sitting on the Couch and on the table a glas of water and the wish to drink it. At some moment will function

How does it work?
I once read about it but couldn’t understand the gist fully.

This is a good thread as I’m having this difficultly right now :thinking:

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