Is this what I can expect from opening a permanent link with sitri?

I invoked Sitri a few weeks ago hoping to find out what sex with humans feels like. I left target selection up to him. But nothing happened in the specified time, so I wrote it off as it off as a failed attempt. ;

However, something strange happened yesterday. All of a sudden, I got REALLY horny and hungry, I could feel a very uncomfortable clawing sensation at the back of my throat. So I visualize orange colored energy flowing into me from the sacral chakra of a woman who happened to be near me. As I did this, I felt a sense of relief wash over me. Throughout this entire process, Sitri’s sigil was stuck in my head.

I’m planning on forming a strong link with Sitri, since I cannot get him out of head
I’m just curious about what the above experience means.

Edit; I just realized how weird the opening sounds. I am a disabled virgin, but I have mildly sexual experiences with spirits regularly


Hm some kind of connection has been made. Maybe try evoking and having a conversation with him? Sometimes you can communicate through thoughts/feelings. I don’t know how well you’ve tuned your intuition, but I don’t think it takes too long to understand how to communicate like this with these entities


I invoked him last night, offered him semen and immediately felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I think this is a good sign to continue working with him. However, I’m unsure what to make of my ‘feeding’ experience. It felt way too real for it be just my imagination.

Well the peace is a really good sign. Evoking, reaching out to the spirit in your mind and feeling them, practicing communication and recognizing them is how you get closer, I would say.

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