Is this the real seal of Azazel?

So, I was looking around on the internet, and I found there is this other seal of Azazel.

Has anyone here used this one? The other one is actually supposed to be for the angel of Saturn. I’m not sure I want that.

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This is a personal seal the magician channelled so it’s probably not had wide use.

I’ve used the classic Saturn seal with success though.


I’ve used VK’s seal before when I started working with Azazel and had a good deal of success with it.

I also agree with DarkestKnight, the Saturn seal works just fine for calling him.

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I haven’t use this one, but as well as the usual Saturn seal, E.A. Koetting’s channeled sigil for Azazel worked well.

I think as long as the your intent is to get Azazel,you could use a random squiggle and it would work, tbh.
Jehannum prove this himself in a now gone video where use accidentally used totally the wrong sigil and still got the intended entity, and didn’t realise until afterwards.

Intent is everything. The rest is just icing.


If intent is everything, try banishing with pentagram points down.