Is this the black sun?

Ignoring the jesus stuff, is this the black sun? I know nothing of the black sun. Friend sent me this. Then later i stumbled across a black sun post.

No. A ‘government craft’ is not the black sun. Neither is an alien UFO.

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I would be more inclined to say it is a planet of the Nemesis sun IF it was in fact from the Nemesis system at all. However, she is saying that it’s NASA equipment. Would be nice to have a LINK to what equipment that is.

One would need to know the planetary positions at the time of the video.

All you need to do is get you a very good welding glass and go sungazing. You’ll see the truth and you can make up your own mind. Camera’s/videos provide too much question because of glares and spots and etc.

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Im gonna look into that welding glass idea. I know she claims its equipment. Just thought maybe they were covering something else up

I haven’t used the welding glass in a really long time, but maybe I will do it soon since it’s been clear out.

They MIGHT be covering something up. You never know.

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