Is This Stuff Safe?

In a deep meditation session, i never believed in ghosts or stuff like that, one visited me and went into me. What you here discribe as the Theta-Gamma Synch (TGS) and the Rapture state happened to me when it went into me. It felt like im going insane :confused: i also had a fuzzy head even 2 weeks later. I sat in the garden two weeks later (first meditation since then because i was scared…) and everything around me became white and i sh*t my pants again… And for the rest of the day head a very fuzzy head again. I was in fear of going insane again…

Are you sure this stuff is safe? Cuz at this point it was pretty clear to me that i will if im not going out there… Any storys you know of people going insane of that stuff?

All forms of spirit contact have the possibility of trouble, particularly with the dead.
Life without magic isn’t safe either. You’re constantly under the threat of thousands of factors a day. The condom could break, a bus could flatten you, someone might shank you for money…
Point is, nothing is safe. Mundane or otherwise. Living in fear isn’t really living.


As the old saying goes, no risk - no reward. And the risk brings the possibility of transfiguration. I’m reminded of this video just released by E.A. yesterday and I HIGHLY recommend everyone watch.

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Thanks for the answers. When i was in there i’ve seen the afterlife and could clearly see that everything is just an illusion. Since i have no fear of death anymore. And the only thing i fear in getting insane is just that my loved ones would get hurt by this.

What im really after is the answer to: you think i should let myself fall in this situation? Anyone experienced something similar? I would really love someone kinda guide me through this. As gently and as safe as possible :smiley:

Anyone experienced ‘the struddle of life’? Seeing our whole revolution in some kind of spiral (i.e. thunderstorm)? I know it wasnt only in my head because a few weeks later ive seen an artist (alexander grey) painted the exact same thing i was seeing there in the 90’s or 80’s. I was pretty much stunned again. Realizing it was all real

I just found back the picture:

The only thing thats missing there are the shaddows, who in my experience were flying around this struddle, seemingly holding it together (and the souls inside were screaming very clear ‘we are almost free’). I have really seen everything there… every animal, every plant, every human - and while i was at it i felt the ultimate joy no normal human knows about or can even imagine exist. This all in 3 seconds haha. Mindblowing to say the least. I would have loved to stay there longer but i realized at this point my body started laughing. And looking at it from outside it was the exact same thing as you would imagine an insane person running around naked and just laughing all over. I was scared i couldnt come out of it anymore if i stay. So i jumped off my seat and it stopped. Then i had a conversation with this thing in me for quite some time. But if you never believed in stuff like that (i was always laughing aboiut friends who liked the movie paranormal activity because i couldnt get anything out of it… to me this was pure fiction.) you will be shocked at first because society programmed you to not believe in it. And the second thought will be ‘it is something bad’ cuz in movies you will be told so. I realized what i was thinking/feeling at the very moment decides the outcome of it.
Thats when i realized i need to get christ conciousness to dig deeper.

I see here are a lot of pretty dark souls cursing people and so. What i just want to tell them is: everything is just happening ‘inside’ you. So if there is something or somebody you hate it is something inside you that you hate. And what you hate the most is what needs the most love of you to get healed. To really make everything you think/feel happen instantly you need to live by that. Thats the only way to really become one with god. Being all loving. It is so to keep yourself and others safe.
Bad things in life are just there to learn from while the good ones are there to enjoy.
I know E.A. says that you just dont have to be attached to the bad things and karma will not hurt you. But deep inside you will always know its not a good thing. No matter how hard you try. And if you can hide it for this lifetime its cool and you wont get hurt by it in this lifetime. But its still there and you will sooner or later have to stand up to it. I can promise that noone who doesnt realize this will ever be able to make everything happen instantly. You will be able to play around with the bad stuff - no question.
But you will not be able to become one with god. Or even a higher entity as god. Satans power will always be the highest you can reach. In this universe the highest thing is god. But there is no end to ascension. In this universe maybe but its not ‘all that is’.

Think about it this way: even E.A. said everything around us is just another ‘me’. So cursing someone means you put a curse on yourself from some point of view. Nobody would want to do it.

I think not realizing this is to limit yourself. You will not be able to grow from your failures (as you dont rekognize them as failures anymore, or else you would get hurt by the karma). The simple rule ‘learn from the bad and enjoy the good’ will not be possible for you anymore. As you dont see the bad things anymore. You wouldnt be able to form a all loving and perfect universe anymore (and i think deep inside everyone of us wants this to some degree). Who wouldnt want to be loved by everyone and everything? I think thats the goal. That you are able to make the perfect universe.

Im not saying i know something better than anyone else. infact the magicians in this forum are far beyond what i might experience in my lifetime (i dont really think so, i experienced that i always perfect the things that i love in a small amount of time - much sooner as most people i had around in my life). But this priticular thing im sure i got right. Seeing as i grow with every bad situation i solve the loving way.

If im not entirely wrong i think Aleister Crowley realized this too when he became an epsilon. I didnt stay too long with the story of him but i think i was able to read this out.
At the end he didnt want to be bad anymore. And he regreted the things he did?

Anyway im sorry for this long text. I can barely stop when i first started :smiley:

As I said in my intro , my journey to magic started with psychedelics which brought me to DMT and lots of research into consciousness, religion , meditation and then Magic, all related to DMT and the pineal gland BTW, so stay away from fluoride, tap water , fluoride toothpaste(plenty of fluoride free ones in health stores) and you’ll find your natural DMT production increase, most noticeably in dream production.

Anyway, during the first few weeks of just reading about magic , mainly Medieval Grimoires, I started getting the feeling something was watching me and was in the room , over my right shoulder in a doorway. Now this is the fucked up bit, my girlfriend and I simultaneously turned our heads one day while watching TV and said " did you think someone was standing there too? ", we felt a bit weirded out an I didn’t tell the GF about my reading material as she’s a big Possession Horror fan. That was it really but now I don’t notice any difference now as I’m doing the LBROTP daily and I flicked salt water all over the place , burn Dragons Blood daily and meditate in the same room now.

[quote=“Epsilon, post:4, topic:5170”]I see here are a lot of pretty dark souls cursing people and so. What i just want to tell them is: everything is just happening ‘inside’ you. So if there is something or somebody you hate it is something inside you that you hate. And what you hate the most is what needs the most love of you to get healed.

…Think about it this way: even E.A. said everything around us is just another ‘me’. So cursing someone means you put a curse on yourself from some point of view. Nobody would want to do it.[/quote]

Well I do agree with both points - that everything is inside you, and yet that cursing is legitimate. It’s a good question, and one I mulled over for a few years.

The Bible itself says:

"And if thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell.

And if thy right hand offend thee, cut it off, and cast it from thee: for it is profitable for thee that one of thy members should perish, and not that thy whole body should be cast into hell." ~ Matthew Ch. 5, V. 29 & 30

This, to me, is the cursing - denial of life, or at least removing them from your awareness - of those vexatious and troubling “reflections of yourself” that will otherwise in some way stunt your life. It’s that simple to me, although it took me a long time to figure it out.

Some of the reasons people curse may not make sense to you, but consider this - if you knew someone was beating their children mercilessly next door, would you consider that a part of you, to be loved, or would you take whatever action was available to prevent it?

Not all things are meant to be loved where that means tolerated, nurtured, encouraged - you show a higher love by eliminating them from your life.

The body’s own miracle is the immune system, set up to eliminate harmful pathogens, and that takes no prisoners, after all…

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Yes Hollywood ie Jews and the Illuminati, Skull and Bones but to name a few are scaring people away from Magick and Possession through Movies , books , the Media ,so they can keep manipulating , programing , robbing and killing us through company’s like The Monsanto Corp with DNA changing GM crops which have been proven to cause cancer. The situation is as bad as you saw, but the sheeple will never see it and blindly run of that cliff like lemmings. Disney has been brainwashing the world for decades , they work for the NSA. Try and tell anyone and you sound like a nut, conspiracy is now associated with the tin foil hat brigade, thank some clever PR work by the intelligence agencies after 9/11, those agencies are heavily involved in Magick as are the elites they work for.

E.A. said: Working with love magic is like killing ants with an atombomb. I think that has a deep meaning.

This guy who beatsup his kid is out of love. Otherwise he couldnt do it. Thats why this guy needs the most love to get healed. If he would be surrounded by people who love him big time he wouldnt do it anymore. Put an atombomb of love onto him and he will regret what he did for the rest of his life and that will beat him up so much more than to just kill him. Afterall thats exactly what he wants because he hates himself. Otherwise he wouldnt beat up another self of him. The poor little soul who gets beatup, afterall, knew before it came to earth what will happen. It chose its own destiny beforehand. Maybe even to wash its karma clean. Or just out of love to everyone else, so nobody else have to go through it (like Jesus).

i looked at the video from E.A.'s dream. And guess from what point of view i’ve seen it.

Why did he panic? Because all the souls he did bad things to were hunting him (he isnt attached to the bad things he does, but they are and as we are all equal in the infinity… think about it. To infinity a 100 years is not even an blink of an eye).
The seat of transformation, what could it be? We are all born out of love. We are pure love when we are born. No? The only thing that can change us from there are things we experience with our 5 senses. atleast up to the point we realize we can use our sixth sense that can immitate all the others combined.
So what could the seat of transformation mean if he decided to not be attached to bad things, or dont see them as bad things. He could ultimately change his soul to the darkside, and what is a darksoul supposed to do in the afterlife?

You really think it is possible for one to become one with god if he is not all loving?

Everything in this universe has two poles. To me the negative pole of god is satan. The seat of transformation could be that he will lose gods love and the security he provides him with. Make his guardian angel leave him.

The story of iblis from the quran says this:

At the doors of the paradise was written ‘there will be one who will listen to the words of his lord for a long time and then he will rebell against his lord and curse him’. Iblis (satan) read this and asked who could this be and went to the lord and pleased him to let him curse this one rebell. The Lord agreed to do so, little did he know that he himself was the rebell he cursed.

There is no way to become one with god without being all loving. Im 100% sure. The max you can reach is the power of satan. If that is worth it to enjoy the power of satan for a 100 years instead of the power of god for infinity everyone must know for himself. i know what path is mine -)

Tho i am pretty much tempted to just let my ego get the best of me and become all greedy, sucking money/women/joy into my life, i know it would be wrong (even if i try to make it look good to me like 'with the money i will only do good things for poor people, or the women wants to enjoy fun just as much as i do, or if i have joy - others around me will become joyful aswell) and i will do everything to resist.

What others do is their karma and what we do is ours. I think the best we can make is develope a conciousness like the sun has. Think about it for a minute: the sun just gives to earth and everything around it. It never wants anything back. Become a living sun -) All loving, allmighty. If you are a shining sun the darkness around you will vanish and the shadows will run away from you. It is hard, i can feel and see it in my life. If people around me getting mad i feel the nurge to do so aswell, specially because i got the better arguments. But if i stay clear and in this moment grow love inside me and then answer to it, those guys will come down and do what ever i suggest them to. If i rage there will only be two people raging against each other and grow a wall between them. Both are pissed, so nothing positive will come out of this situation.

Why do you think Franz Bardon kept walking you through all this in a positive way? You really think he was deluded of some kind or you are smarter than him?

I for myself think i am smarter than crowley because i care (atleast for my loved ones) about the body i am in (my sanity). Crowley might didnt have enough love to care. He just wanted it all as soon as possible. You inside feel this is the right way? Listen to your feelings (they are always right - unless you transformed them from your natural state) instead of your ego. If i didnt have any love in my life i probably would either be insane already or one of the biggest magicians out there, as i would have pushed that night (when i was visited by this thing) or atleast a few days later when my fear of death vanished and i became more clear about what happened to me that night. Thats what the darkness is for. To be able to see the light and then you have the ability to choose the right path for you.
You can also choose to seek equilibrium but then you wont reach any of the extremes (i.e. satans or gods power). They say god will forgive everybody, but did he forgive satan? I think once you know what it means and you chose the satan path he wont forgive you anymore and you will be left in hell forever (loveless). only be able to create your universe full of pain and hate (negative). God is love and satan is hate.

I think we are on earth to choose one of those paths to then be able to create. If we dont realize this in a lifetime, or better dont choose one of the paths in this lifetime, we will have to be reincarnated until we are finally ready to do so. To then build our very own Universe. If we handled this correctly we might be able to ascend to something higher than god. But not if we chose the wrong path :stuck_out_tongue:

These are all just my thoughts about this topic. im certain there will be some failures, as ultimate truth cant be put in words anyway. This is just a loosey try of mine -)

Well I think you and me as individuals want very different things. :slight_smile:

I respect what you want, to become one with god, because for a long time that was my goal as well, so if you don’t mind I won’t attempt to go point-counterpoint with your post, because what’s right for you may be wrong for me and vice versa, but this isn’t something that can be proved with words.

If you ever want to read a different point of view, the Stephen Flowers book Lords Of The Left-Hand Path outlines my own philosophy pretty well, or this video also covers that general idea - it’s mis-titled, and not about raising kids by the way:

How To Raise A Child With Magick

Giving an abuser love is ridiculous. They don’t do it because they lack love. Abusers tend to be manipulative assholes who induce Stockholm syndrome and are charismatic to everyone else. Leniency towards these kind of people is weakness. If you see scum like this and choose not to do anything about it, you’re just as bad.

I would choose to give them the love they need. And i will be empored by god with as much love as i need if i choose so. Thanks lady i will watch this now.

Oh wow, this is by far the most interesting video ive seen of him yet. Well i guess i need to learn soul travel to get a little higher perspective on that.

Cool! :slight_smile:

This one is kind of connected, especially towards the end - I like this stuff in general, but these are to my mind the best two broadcasts on here, certainly the ones that speak to my own experiences the most:

The Secrets Of The Power Eye

Im gonna watch this later. Need to get some stuff going -)

Oh my… this stuff is worth more than all the money in the world combined. i wonder how they let it be on youtube… :smiley:

Why am i always getting excited if E.A. makes a failure and starts again haha.

Also i noticed how those last two videos build some kind of relationship between E.A. and me. I start to love him like a friend :smiley: i feel this is becoming a hot ride for me :smiley: