Is this shadow work?

I don’t know if I am doing shadow work. But it is my intent. So I know that shadow work involves confronting things that happened to you, things that pissed you off in your past, or whatever. There are times when I am alone in my own apartment. I relive certain things that happened to me. And I feel like I just wanna break something, or I visualize myself reliving that situation again and practically man slaughtering the person who is playing mind games with me, arguing with me or whatever. And that was even before I paid attention to black magick. So after learning about shadow work, I look at that those odd incidents with my old buddy Nick always arguing with me. Every time I try to respond to something he said, he’d raise his voice over mine. Not letting me speak. Or he’d be interrupting me when I was in the middle of a sentence. And I remember feeling like I just wanted to break something. So I relive that time now. I visualize myself going through that again. And I would shout at the top of my lungs as if Nick was still in front of me now. But then I try to feel the part of my body that is tense. Usually around my abdominal area, eyebrow area, or the crown of my head. And I try to focus on that feeling. I try to breathe into it. And I try to visualize myself embracing it. Like I’m merging with it. I also try to visualize myself as a light being looking back to my past self and tell my past self what I realize about my old buddy Nick now. Telling my past self to tell the idiot to leave my apartment and never come back. I visualize myself telling my younger self that it’s not necessarily about the topic we argued about. It’s only you he disrespects. And he wouldn’t put up an argument with just anyone who feels the way I do about the topic we argued about. I visualize myself telling my younger self, while visualizing my younger self as a dark shadow what it is I feel my younger self needs to know.

That is only one example.

Another example.I remember times in my life when I was lonely. No friends. A couple days ago those memories came back to me. I had this instrumental solo from an 80’s song that you’d hear in Cobra Kai season 3 episode 10 running through my head (awesome show by the way). And I’d wake up one morning having that 80’s instrumental solo stuck in my head. While remembering odd lonely times that I had as well as when my father passed. As well as wondering what my future would be like if I ever lost my job. And remembering that there is a thing called “shadow work”, I’d remember whatever negative feeling I’d have in certain parts of my body as a part of my depression was something I’d try to visualize myself embracing. I’d breathe into it. I’d visualize myself hugging and embracing the negativity. And I’d visualize myself telling my younger self odd things which I realize to be true now. I’d also be telling my younger self that the answers I still don’t have will eventually come at some point.

I don’t know if I’m even explaining this properly. But I’m doing my best. So maybe what I was trying to do wasn’t shadow work the way I think it is. I don’t know. I’m still a little confused about how to do shadow work. If any of you have any thoughts I’d appreciate it.


I’ve been instinctively telling myself this for years.

At some point I realized that I was trusting in my higher self (and “the universe” or “source”) basically.

Sounds like what you’re doing is working.

I’d say it’s shadow work, but it definitely has a rather “shamanic” flavor to it I think.

You’re doing a good job! :ok_hand:

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Sounds great. I’m more of the type to release the energy and embrace the understanding, but this seems like a preference.

Awesome, And if you every felt comforted by “entities” during these arguments, it was probably you time traveling all along. That can happen, and you can do it on purpose, by choosing to do it in advance when you need it and following through with the meditation to complete the circle later.
I found out the motherly entity that comforted me in a very dark hour when I was in my early twenties was actually just me today.


@Maulbeere When it comes to understanding the side of the person who offended me I came to realize that person had his own shadow to deal with and refused to do any shadow work on himself.

When you release your energy, how do you do it?

See the energy as a mass, and visualise that you have a pair of iron tongs. Pick the energy out with the iron tongs and push it as deep into the Earth as needed so that it can’t return to you. I sometimes switch out iron tongs for a backhoe but yeah :smiley:

The Earth naturally recycles it into useful energy for other things. Qi that’s been a certain way for a long time has a certain inertia to it and likes to relax back into the way it was. Pushing it far underground prevents this :slight_smile:

This is a qigong technique called “iron tongs”.

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