Is this possible in psionics?

Hi everyone! first of all, I want to say hi to everyone because im new.

I just wanna ask some few questions regarding some possibilities of what you can do via psionics.

My experience :

I tried telekinesis once, and I was successfully move an object. What I did, is that cuff my palm together and visualize a ball so hard that it produce a solid heat to the point theres an actual object on my hands. Then I tried to move a piece of paper and it moves! I was shocked when it happened.

Now my question is, this may sound ridiculous but I did have some proof that I may able to do it. It is possible a fire an energy blast via our hands just like what we see on animes such as Dragon Ball Z or what we seen in marvel movies nowadays. Because if i were able to move an object, it gives me confident for the possibilities of what I desire such as superpowers.

I will also try experimenting with it.

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The physical blasts of energy likely no not without many lifetimes of work and development with somehow carrying that knowledge and energy build up with you through those lifetimes. However blasts of energy that will fry the nervous system and kill people by basically frying their consciousness and leaving them as vegetables is a lot more possible but simply causing a brain hemorrhage or cardiac incident with telekinesis would likely be much more energy efficient.

Likely what you saw might have been an overlay of your astral senses seeing the energy of a much more spiritual or mental attack. I know with telekinesis a lot if possible but why go for big showy thing when you can cut the energy cost many times over and just hit with precision and skill. Though reserve that if you can’t control or dominate or otherwise manipulate them to be useful or just get out of the way.

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It is possible but we would not likely see all the FX and sounds around it.
What people would feel instead, is heat.

It’s totally possibly to make an energy ball, drop it somewhere and feel the heat every time you pass your hands in that area.
You’d be able to make a beam the same way, but good luck on achieving the same visual effects. Maybe with the aid of elemental control…

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