Is this posession?

I’ve been wanting to call up Azazel because of my situation. I’ve been under a spirit attack and whenever I call his enn, after a couple of minutes I feel aching in my throat and my voice begins to change and become low and demonic. Accompanied by anger and feeling ungrounded. I tried It with 2 different enns And I also tried to call him up with his sigil. I tried contacting multiple spirits but I think the spirit is fucking with my contact with deities.

I was attacked by voodoo before because of a conflict in the family which I have nothing to do with and they just wanted to hurt my mom. After my father found out I can read people/get info from them he paid someone to cast spirits to kill me and my brother. He is scared of what info I could get out of him. He is mentally ill and on pills. I’ve tried to get rid of them for a month now and lost my motivation. We have protection from multiple people but the spirits itself have influence over us and won’t go away.

Are you working with any spirits vodou related?

Maybe you should or at least seek a reading by some one who seriously practices.

Try doing some spiritual baths/cleansings to help you out.

Im a beginner with spirit work. I don’t work with any voodoo spirits or any spirits in general. i don’t even know if the spirit on us is voodoo related. I did purchase a reading from a occult practitioner but don’t really got answers from it. I will try to get another reading but i cant afford to buy a way to deal with this matter. i didn’t do any cleansing baths I will look into that.

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There is some sephiroth filth you did not banish or you have catholic or church stuff near. Just remove that and than Azazel and Watchers summoning will work excellent

Man, you need to grow up, this is childish.

He claims to be attacked of Voodoo spirits before and you made connections to Sephiroth, and then church when he implied nothing of it lol.

I know you wont answer tho.Keep it that way.


Your family follows the voodoo religion?

No we do not. That’s why this is so complicated.

Voodoo is the religious aspect where the Loa Gods and such are involved. So are you sure it’s voodoo?

I did use a angelic Seraphim mantra in my room and it works really well. But this shouldn’t be the problem. I banished before i called up azazel. And tried calling him up outside aswell. And even though im a beginner I evoked a 2 times before without problems.

I think the original question here was whether the OP was possessed or not. Just my opinion, but I don’t think so. From my experience, Azazel doesn’t respond this way. You may have accidentally allowed what I call an “astral nasty” through the portal who is attempting to derail your ritual. (And this could very well be a spirit that was sent to you from your family.)

I would suggest a strong spirit removal technique or banishing, depending on your preferred method. I’d also suggest not attempting contact with Azazel again until this little bastard is dealt with.

The attack we endured a while ago was voodoo. And me and my brother had trickster spirits on us. But the spirits send to us recently there presence is different and its one male spirit and one female one. We heard they are Djinn but we are not sure at all. They are also tricksters.

Djinn and the voodoo/Loa Gods have no connection, I think I’m drawing a confusion in this however.

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I tried alot from banishing techniques to spirit removal techniques. If you got a good spirit removal technique send it me. And I agree to not call him up until this has been dealt with.

No that’s not what im saying. This situation is really complex and leaves me mindfucked aswell tho. The spirit attack on us now could be something completely different than what happend to us a while ago (voodoo attack). My dad is no newbie to consulting spirit workers from what i’ve heard, he is been doing this for years and years and might have connections to alot of different people (arabian aswell) So djinn could be right.

You are probably dealing with the demonic-like spirits that tend to wander around and follow Kalfu. He has dominion over them and he definitely is a loa that could be called upon to inflict harm upon others, he is a Petro afterall.

Djinn are not connected to hoodoo and the individual would have to be using a completely different system in order for what you are experiencing to happen.

Kalfu and his spirits are renowned to possess people by mounting on their backs and cause misfortune and whatever else to the person at hand.

If you really want to deal with this issue, I would either call upon Legba (whom is Kalfu’s rada counterpart) or Kalfu himself to straighten things out (I suggest only summoning Kalfu outside the home because you could instigate even more problems that way).

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So you think these are voodoo spirits? Can I call Kalfu up and ask him to stop the attack on the both of us? And what I meant was that my father consulted someone else for the djinn and not the same person who did the voodoo attack.

If I were to be honest with you, djinn generally don’t really listen to anyone unless they are bound or the individual has a deep connection with them (even when they are bound, they mostly don’t even respond in the way that the practitioner wants which is why I always emphasize on building relationships when working with djinn).

Due to hoodoo being used in the past it could have been used again. Unlike djinn, Kalfu’s spirits are more controlled and are pretty obedient when it comes to following Kalfu’s desires. If I were you, I would try to get in contact with Legba first and see what he can do due to being more laid back and being the aspect that is more inclined to help.

Legba is Kalfu’s more benevolent aspect. They are two sides of the same coin (Rada and Petro).


Alright, thank you. I will try to contact Legba and see what he can do.

No problem! If it turns out to be a dead end maybe try to contact Asmodeus as a alternative (Sakhr is his djinn aspect). I honestly would be surprised if djinn were meddling with your work, especially when it involves spirits that are within their hierarchy (not to mention going completely out of their way to mess with people that didn’t personally provoke them in anyway). If all this ends up failing I would try to seek someone out that can contact these spirits in your stead (especially practitioners close to Azazel, Asmodeus, or Paimon).

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For sure. You’ve been a great help with the info. I was also thinking of the possibility that the spirits i was trying to evoke were ignoring my call. I got messages of naamah in my dreams before but I am skeptical of calling her in this situation. Should i just answer her call? Only my clairvoyance developed and i don’t know a way i could communicate with her.

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