Is this okay?

Is it okay to perform evocation rituals at home? No potential threats or any kind of danger?

I’ll do it al the time, and even live at my Parent House and nothing bad happened
But if you feel that Things get to intense(Due to the accumulation of Energy after many Ritual) Just do a Banishing Ritual, like the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagrams

To clean the Accumulated Energy

Here’s a video where E.A Show how to perform it :

Do a reading first before you evoke to see if it’s a good idea. Both Lady Eva and I are very passionate about knowing what the results are before you do it.

I can attest to what Ashtkerr and Lady Eva advise. These divination tools are here for many reasons. Do a reading first, otherwise you might invite calamity.

The best answer goes to Mephistor. Thanks Mephistor :slight_smile:
As for the other 2 comments, thanks for trying to help.

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