Is this my catalyst for my spell to work?

Hey everyone!!

I just have a question on my spell, & was hoping I could get some clarity on it

I casted a love spell on my ex fiance, that included her apologizing to me. Two weeks ago that spell began to manifest. Then I spoke with Duke sallos to thank him, & he pointed me toward Lord Lucifer, & Lord Lucifer said that I should do another spell with Duke Sallos to get her we fall in love with me for me. That’s what I had done. However just a few moments ago I found out she got screwed over by someone she was kind of interested in.

The signs though she was dropping the nights leading up to tonight, seemed that she wanted me back. She was, & still is messaging me first, joking around, & talking to me like we use too when we were together. She wanted me to add her on snap, & she wants to be on call with me every night.

Yet she had said when we spoke on the phone for the first time in a long time, that she wasn’t interested in coming back to me.

As I’m writing this she even texted again, after I left her on read.

I’m not lusting for results or anything, but I’m confused. Is my spell working, or is this event of her getting screwed over going to end up being the catalyst that brings my spell into reality??

The third option is that dating is hard and that was going to happen anyway.

I’d run a divination to see what’s what.


I’ll take your advice!! Thank you!!