Is this Lilith's doing?

So in my last post I stated that I sometimes feel a foreign rage bubble up in me.
I also have this other thing that has been happening to me since I started with this whole succubus thing. An itching sensation on my whole body accompanied by a burning sensation.

It gets very painful and I can’t stop it while it lasts. In public it can be extremely embarrasing as it itches so much and that I start to get bruises on my body and red lines that look like scratches. I do not believe that it is a medical condition as this has never ever happened to me before and also happens randomly.

This feeling almost causes me to go insane.The more I ignore it the more it burns and itches and just hurts.
It sometimes gets so painful that I almost pass out.
Almost like someone wants me to go insane which I believe resonates with Liliths as you guys stated that she can evoke primal rage.

I lack anger in my life so maybe she is forcing me to get angry.
I have many theories but I would like to know what you guys think of this.
It could also be my succubus…

I asked Lilith to help me in my life so it could also be a test…


I don’t know for sure but maybe you pissed her off somehow

If you angered her in some way you should apologize. But your not the only one who lacks anger in their life there are times when i feel like i should have been more angry.


You probably still keeping it inside and not voicing or acknowledging the sadness/anger issue as much as you should. Try starting a journal that when you do feel sad - angry you will at least write it in there. So you can reflect later and work on voicing it when it comes up again


If something is attacking you, you should at least hardly banish it.

I don’t remember doing anything to anger her tho.

Thanks for all responses guys