Is this just coincidence

The other night I was down in my basement and decided to mediate and focus on Lucifer. I put my headphones in and listened to his en and chanted it allowed.

This is part im curious about. After about 5 minutes of meditation and chanting, my cat who had been asleep in his perch across the room all night suddenly jumped up and ran over and started rubbing me and purring. Could this have been Lucifer making himself known?

I think it is more likely that the cat was attracted to the energy of the chant. They tend to be energy junkies.

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Way to shatter my hopes that I was gaining some strength, lol. It makes sense

Could be he sensed something from what you were doing, or that Lucifer’s presence was in the room and he awoke to it. Or it could have been both cases. Who knows, coincidence is but another name for chance. That’s what Hermeticism says

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