Is this indicative of possession/channeling?

I did a weird possession, and I don’t feel so comfortable talking about many of the details, but I will say that is was a “higher self”. They felt like they were the person. I tried automatic writing and it was weird. Some of it I accidentally messed up. But here were some mannerisms they portrayed:

  • Swiveling my head around a lot to look at things I would personally deem uninteresting

  • Staring at me/my body in the mirror for long amounts of time

  • Smiling randomly.

  • moving about the house and just fiddling with things.

They said some illuminating but scary-to-accept stuff. I am not sure if it was true. Does this sound like a possession to you?

Dunno…whatd they say?

Lots of weird stuff. I can’t share most of it but something they DID say was “I need you to stay safe” as a parting message, something I really didn’t expect for them to say.

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