Is this his way of calling out to me?

10mins ago I woke up from a nap now I’m this dream I got a tarot reading saying that dantalion will help me or something like that ok that’s cool because I’ve been trying to build a bond and I thought this was a sign. The strange part is that the next part of the reading I was expecting something about Asmodeus since I went to sleep saying talk To me I was trying to meditate but ended up falling asleep. I was looking for his name and didn’t see it but the name i did see was Andromalius that was the first time his name ever came up I never thought about him or thought to work with him so I was shocked when I woke up. I’ve been trying to work on a love situation so does he want to help me with that ?


Here’s the thing: If you think it’s a sign then it’s a sign. No one else can tell you with 100% certainty what your subjective experience means.

Reach out to him and see what he wants. Although from memory I don’t think Andromalius is usually connected with love workings, someone correct me if I’m wrong


Yeah I thought it was nothing but then after awhile he kept popping up afterwards so o researched him on here he is mainly for theft and punishing the wicked so I was confused why he came in a love reading in my dream thank you for replying btw

Usually see him in regards to revenge I think it is, though I want to say I’ve seen a passing mention about how he can bring back a person lost to you.

I agree with the sign thing. Op In my experience if you need to ask for verification it wasn’t a sign. You usually know as soon as it happens it was, and if you don’t it’s not.

It rarely hurts to miss a sign either, if it’s important it will happen again, not one more time even at least twice more, then you can start rethinking you missed it.


Thank you for that response

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Yeah if a spirit is reaching out to you it will use multiple signs if necessary.

Imo it is a sign and you should go with it…

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