Is this fake or real

I have been trying to get my ex back since the end of January I have tried it myself and had help but things still seem dull it seem like some things work but then I’m like is it a coincidence or is it really magick like I have no proof but then I want to believe I tried different type of spells to see if it work some see like it does but my desire for my ex to come back hasn’t what’s the point of doing these things if I can’t get want I truly want I’ve changed myself for her I know if I could get her to talk to me agian show her I changed I can get her back

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It sounds to me that you are still heavily invested in the outcome. From what I’ve seen, that kills magick. Until you can solve that problem, I doubt you’ll see success.


:point_up: this is dead on. There are more than a few stories of this kind of situation and when the person lets go and gives up everything uitting the person all at once. It’s annoyong but part of why being able to detach is part of the process.

You want to be as invested as you can possibly be up till and in ritual then be able to let it go after.


i searched on here ways to banish lust for results and tried them but no go

Try focusing your energies else where if ya have other projects ya could be working on focus on those. It doesn’t matter how much ya go through the motions of banishing your lust for results if you are still actively holding onto it. Ya must take the necessary actions to detach. Work on another area of your life. Make notes on what you have done so far with the intent to come back to it in say a month or 2 that’ll help get your mind off the work.

Then depending on circumstances if ya have managed to detach from the outcome come back to those notes and if ya Haven’t seen any progress do a divination into possible obstacles.

Also one thing people forget when trying to do magick on a specific person to effect them at times, is the strength of will of the person they are trying to effect through magick.

even if the person doesn’t practice any kind of spiritual art this does not mean they are weak of will. You can find many examples of people who put just as much work into their craft or chosen goals as we do in spiritual work.

Sometimes this can be a natural consequence of giving up all hope for the magick to work, too, and just saying “fuck it, I don’t care even if I don’t get my ex back.” Something similar happened with my first legit evocation and it was only after giving up all hope that I attained my desired result.

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Yeah this is where having a meditative practice and learning to detach can streamline this process a bit. In my case its about 1-2 rituals towards goals a week.

Between these my other projects and the mundane work toward my goals i put in, the ritual done a day ago becomes the ritual done 70 days ago and has either come to pass or is in progress depending on the size of the goal.

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I’ve been where you are. I found nothing that worked for me to get rid of the attachment to outcome. I would suggest not investing any further magical energy on this and just let nature take its course. Use your magickal skills on other things and build a life that will be appealing to this girl.

One thing that has helped me with releasing attachment to outcome, is to see the end result of any spell or ritual as my spiritual Ascent rather than whatever goal I’m using magick to achieve.

In your case, instead of worrying about bringing your ex back, view the love spell you did as furthering your Ascent, rather than just to get a specific person. Move your attachment from your ex, to your spiritual advancement. Do another spell for something else and view any results or lack of results dispassionately, like a scientist. “Hmm…that’s interesting. I did this ritual for $100 a week ago, and now I have received $100. Positive result. Now, let’s do a spell for a new job and see if the same thing happens.”

I have had some spectacular results with viewing things in this way.


Yes you are right will does play apart i did a think about me spell and 3 days later she was looking on my family Facebook pages

I think that studying Stoicism might help you. You may want to read the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

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I will try that way of thinking and see how that turns out thanks.