Is this even possible?

My first ritual ever was to summon a familiar All I knew at that point was what I read from the Lesser key of Solomon. I wanted a familiar, so what I did was draw a pentacle using tape on the ground, surround it with white candles, then without even meditating, or focusing, called on Purson and asked for a familiar that would take the form of a cat and would come to me within the hour, I had no idea what I was doing, yet 15 minutes after I hear a cat scratching at our door, I open it and it comes inside, it ignored the rest of my family, but would always be around me, I still have her, is this possible, or a coincidence, we have never had stray cats in our neighborhood before, I always have her around me, I have been having an extremely hard time invocating or evocation get anything, I have never been able to astral project, even though I try every day, I am not sure if it’s a regular cat or not, and I have had her for a year now, she does act different than other cats I have had, and all my other pets avoid her, about a month later, she had three kittens, 2 fully black, 1 calico, I felt extraordinarily connected to one of the black cats, and ended up keeping him, he is the smartest cat I have ever met, and whenever I try a ritual, he comes, whenever I try to astral protect, he sits in a chair next to me and watches, he is always around me, always extremely affectionate, he loves music, lays down and listens to whatever I’m playing, sometimes rubbing up against my ukulele and piano, what is going on, is this possible


Yeah, it’s possible that Purson sent to you as a familiar a physical cat, which was already near.


Well… If I’m reading this correctly, it looks to me like your ritual worked marvelously! It is called MAGICK after all!

Well of course it is possible. It just happened to you, didn’t it? Magick!

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