Is this entering the Theta/Gamma Sync?

Today I tried to enter the TGS and I had some “results” that I need to confirm. I used my little sister’s room for this. The wall is painted pink and the ceiling is white. So I focused on the line that connects the two and tried to gaze and not stare at it. After 1 min or so the line started flashing white (like…a very light white colour) and after another 3 mins the line started to blur and something like… um… white smoke(?) started to block my vision.Like literally the room and stuff in it almost disappeared. At this point I was a little concerned and immediately stopped the process. Did anyone have similar experiences when entering the Theta Gamma Sync or am I just imagining things? I just want to know if I am in the right track. Thank you in advance~




Yes. You did it! Congrats!

Just try to remember the feeling, the sensation of it during TGS. Then you can gradually extend it 5 minutes, then up to 10 min etc.

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Yes of course that’s correct. It’s a “riding a bike” skill that feels complicated, then it feels super normal and is hard to describe to the next person.

I didn’t know about TGS as a term until I found BALG. I would have called it trance and sounded spooky to psychologists.
I did have a blantantly magical bright blue rubber bracelet with red letters that I wore on my left wrist. The capital crimson letters read Team Georgia Softball. There are other reasons that sticks out, but I think TGS is a willful concept.
TGS for the win :fist:

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Oh thanks I am happy since that’s actually the first time I’ve tried doing that… Hopefully I can make it last longer as time goes by!

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