Is this compelling beings?

Is this phrasing considered compelling an entity to do one’s will or simply asking?

« Lucifer! Beelzebub! Astaroth! I conjure you, attend me at this hour, and send to me the spirit called _____. Let him understand my requests, and fulfill my wishes for as long as I desire »

« He through which all energy flows, hear me! I ask that ___ be with me this night »

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Magical introductions are supposed to have concise instructions without the platitudes. Don’t overthink it. The entities understand your intent. The passage you posted looks fine.

Im a demonolator and because of this I refuse to give orders and force beings to appear and or do my will. I think it unethical. This is why I ask.

M’y intention is to adapt it to call out to the dead for necromancy.

As long as the whole ritual is performed correctly. Whatever words you choose will be ok. At the end of the day what you’re doing - no matter how you say it - is asking. If you say it in 2000 words or a simple sentence, you’re still asking.

So you use whatever feels right. What they want to hear is what you want them to do… once they know it, it’s done. Just make sure what you’re asking for is clear and specific, how you phrase it is up to you.

You can never force a being to show up, you can call them up but it will always be their choice to show up or not.

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Perhaps I should rephrase : is the phrasing ordering the being to show up or is it the sane as saying « sitri come « ?

Thank you for your patience and your willingness to answer my question .

The intention seems more like just requesting they show up to you, not really ordering as I think one mentioned earlier that the intention behind the words.

Thé intention is to ensure that I am
Heard and that they show up. No need for poltergeist activity or physical manifestations.

Your phrasing is perfect in my opinion. It would work well.

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