Is this coincidence or the handwork of Belial?

Few weeks ago I have been playing Belial’s enn every night and sometimes even falls asleep while listening to his enn with my earplugs.
One afternoon after I closed from work on my way home I started communicating within my mind believing it was belial and I challenged the voice in my head that if it’s really Belial then he should let the company I work for increase me and only my co-workers salary within that very month which is impossible because the company only increase all workers salary yearly.
And unfortunately the company did exactly what I asked for which has never happened ever since the company was established.
Can this be coincidence or Belial did it?

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If you asked for something and it happened, I would say it was Belial.

Do it again.

Once is an accident, twice is coincidence, three times is a pattern.


Okay I will try it again and see what happens.


50-100 times, all doubt goes out the window lol

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