Is this aragonite

Hey all. Wanting to do the alchemy meditation again (and again and again)
I was watching Kurtis Josef vid he mentioned that it is potent effective whilst doing that type of meditative exercise .



Yes, I’m pretty sure this is aragonite.

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Perfect. Thank You :black_heart::kissing_heart::pray:

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best of luck !

beautiful energy but i think it must be more clearer ,so cleanse it and increse its natural energy which the energy of the crystal itself no other energies.

i had sesned that you need to maybe put crown chakra energies,or work on the crown with the crystal.

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Yes. I agree. I had it stored so its ripe for cleansing. My crown yes. Its where i experience most pain in meditations.
Haha and I’ve pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve that’s going to be fun too.

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