Is this approaching rapture?

Noob here,

In the past I have activated sigils and line segments would disappear and reappear. I decided to do an evocation of a magic square with circle, incense and banishing.

The letters did not disappear and reappear while I was gazing through the square but it was suddenly like someone dimmed the lights big time, colors took on strange hues and became saturated and the paper with the square on it began warping. The visual environment reminded me of a psychedelic trip. :slight_smile:

My question is this… Was this just another version of beta gamma synch or was I approaching rapture?

Feel free to chime in, all you experienced evocators.


Any experienced evocators have some insight on this?

If you know you were in the right trance, then yes you were approaching rapture. When I first started errr… “doing evocation”, it took quite a while to reach rapture.

Thanks for the input!